The Message Behind (The Sci-Fi Movie) "Serenity"

It wasn't the obvious type one would catch at first glance. But one statement in the otherwise quite action packed & entertaining movie was too true to be just entertainment. The part in which we get to know the 'Serenity' crew and they talk about how survival is being made tougher & tougher for independent little guys like them - 500 years into the future - so similarly to the way it is for folks like us here & now, independent little artists & movie makers. There had to be something else beside that. And then it dawned on me: "Pax," (latin for Peace), the gas that the government, "the alliance" (New World Order?) had added to the atmosphere of the planet Miranda in order to free the population from its aggressions had made 90% of the population so "peaceful" that they not only stopped fighting, but eventually everything else, too, including eating and breathing, so they just died, while it converted the other 10% into ravenous & hideous cannibals, attacking everything that moved in order to eat them alive...
Sounds just like the wonderful "Peace" programs the New World Order so all-knowingly imposes on us, its victims, 24/7 via the poisonous gases of deceit it dispels into our ether in form of the constant propaganda that's lulling the majority into a peaceful sleep, do-nothing attitude and spiritual death, while forcing the minority who won't swallow that stuff into positions of total antagonism and opposition without limits, also known as terrorism.
In other words, just as the "Alliance" was creating the cannibalistic "Reavers," (if that's the spelling... I didn't read the subtitles), so the New World Order is really creating terrorism and the anti-western and anti-American antagonism that's making the poorer minorities cry out for Jihad, a holy war against all that New World Order tummyrot.
The demons those wise guys on top are creating are literally eating the population of the world alive, because, as usual, they were too smart to think they had to include God in their program, and as they say in Germany, "they made their bill without the keeper of the inn."
So, "XLNT!" is my personal rating for "Serenity" on second thought. From what I gather, (as an outsider, since I never heard of the "Firefly" TV show until I saw the specials on the DVD), the makers of this movie were a little bit in the same fix that a lot of bright minds find themselves in who are just too bright to be dimmed by the mainstream hogwash: the fate of being met with a lot of resistance & cold shoulders. But then there are always those who still appreciate good work when they see it. True Art fans of the world unite & hop aboard the "Serenity"!

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