002_My Credo: (First Published 2004)

I believe that everyone who knows the Truth: that the Earth did NOT evolve by itself, as commonly taught, but was created by the all-powerful Spirit of Love, also referred to as God, Who loved this World & its inhabitants so much that He sent Jesus, His Son, (Who was with Him from the Beginning) to Earth to die for us, and all those who know that this World at this time is given into the hands of God’s opponent, commonly referred to as the Devil, whose goal it is to deceive mankind into following him instead of Jesus,

everyone who can agree with this, is like Neo & his friends in the movie “The Matrix”:

Though inside the System, not really part of the System but rather active agents against the gas of deceit that’s keeping followers of the Matrix contented with a state much closer to hell than the heaven on Earth that this life could & should be.

For someone to be “unplugged” from the Matrix, all they have to do is accept & receive Jesus, God’s gift of love & forgiveness to us. How you do that: You simply pray (talk to God or Jesus), asking for forgiveness of all your faults & for Jesus to come into your life.

Although this is generally a very happy experience after which one feels very relieved & joyous, it is sometimes followed by a painful awakening to the fake of “reality” one has lived in up to this point, similar to the way Neo in “The Matrix” initially refuses to embrace what he had just learned about the Matrix. Sometimes this causes people to take a distance from their newly found faith, & only those brave enough to face the consequences go on. (Parable of the Sower)

Unlike the story of the film, however, this World is not ruled by Machines but by Satan & his demons, who momentarily appearing to be more powerful than us, are really no match for the power given to us by the Creator of the universe, if we learn to apply these powers, again, like Neo. Remember, “there IS no spoon!”, & any obstacles, problems and even seeming catastrophes in your life can be overcome through the weapons we’ve been equipped with: faith, prayer, trust, the power to rise above, the Keys of the Kingdom & staying in close communication and a loving interactive relationship with our Commander through the gift of prophecy (receiving personal words of instruction from Him either directly or through one of His countless messengers, angels & spirits of deceased humans who are fighting on our side). Beware of attempts of interference from the enemy side, though, due to which it is wise not to subject yourself to any unnecessary exposure to elements of the Matrix. That steak may taste good, but don’t sell your soul or birthright for it!

For physically obtainable instruction, refer to the ancient manual, the Bible, or countless writings of His modern-day prophets (We especially recommend a magazine called “Activated!” to newcomers), any of which we are more than happy to supply you with at your request and some of which you will find posted here as time allows.

Feel free to share any of this with anyone you might consider a genuine seeker of the truth. In all you do, though, “Follow the white rabbit!” or, the leadings of the Holy Spirit! (Pro.3:5,6)

(The abbreviations & numbers in brackets are references of passages in The Bible, where you will find related issues to what has just been said. Example: “Pro” = abbreviation for “The Book Of Proverbs” in the Old Testament, followed by the number of the chapter and after : the number of the verse(s) referred to.)

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