Tue 18 Jul 2006

Some folks could argue that I tend to display a very negative viewpoint in my opinions which I'm making so public here. And you're probably right that I should work on my level of sarcasm and tendency to look down on the way people tend to fall so easily for what I call "the Devil's lies." After all, I've fallen for his lies plenty enough times in my life myself, so, I don't have any reason to be self-righteous, and I sincerely apologize if I come across as critical or judgmental or conceited at times.

The reason I'm stating my views here is not to show off how much smarter or more enlightened I may think I am, nor to add to the amount of negativity that is already there. My incentive is to show that there's a difference between true and false values. I may be negatively inclined toward things that a large majority would consider positive, or harmless at least. Yet I believe that I have a very positive attitude toward things which are largely ignored by the majority of people or even viewed as negative by some, yet which I consider the most important and essential things. I'm talking about faith, God, love, things I consider eternal values, values that one could compare in value to the lasting value of gold, as opposed to the fragile consistency of paper money.

Take for example the subject of death, which a lot of people consider to be extremely negative, yet I recently came to the conclusion that death is probably one of the best things in life. So, just because I have a positive attitude about something you may consider negative, you could say I have a negative attitude. In reality, I'm just considering life so positive that I even consider death a positive part of it, and thanks to my faith I know that all things work together for good to those who love God, even our death. I even view death as something positive because it's nothing more than a transition to something even better than this life. ("Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints" Ps.116:15). Death is a journey we'll all have to embark on, & yet hardly anybody ever prepares for this trip simply because they deem it too negative to even think about it.

So, this may be one of those terribly different from the norm points of view that Christians are so notorious for.

I'm trying to get you turned on to my standard and system of values, and forgive me if in my attempt to do so I sometimes act a little condescendlingly toward the currently popular & accepted system standard. All I'm saying is, "look, you can tell that the world isn't really going the right way with all its problems, and you can tell because you know deep inside that you're not truly happy with the way things are. But ignoring the wrong things isn't the way to deal with it. We've all been fooled big time & on a large scale about what really counts in life, and hey, I found out that there's something that works better than money to buy you happiness, and that's God's love. You get it by giving it away!"

Maybe it's a little bit of an automatic self-defense if I tend to be a little sarcastic or critical in my attempts to convince people to try out what I found, since I know that many are probably going to be highly critical & probably sarcastic about what I've got to say & offer, too.

So, I'm still learning myself, in no way perfect, as no one else on this earth is. But I've found the perfect answer. I may not have developed a perfect skill yet at passing it on, and I may even come across as perfectly conceited with my claims or my ways of going about my advertizing, but nevertheless I'm perfectly convinced that it's my duty to try, even if I do so quite imperfectly except for making a perfect fool of myself.

All I can hope is that someone out there might be able to - by some divine miracle of God's grace - look beyond the imperfections in my approach, & dig what I'm trying to say & almost in spite of myself stumble across this perfect love I'm talking about.

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