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Sun 20 Aug 2006 02:26 AM CEST

Sir Isaac Newton became most famous for his discovery of what he called the "law of gravity," a milestone in what we call science. And certainly he does deserve credit for his initiative & vision to put into words or a formula what he observed when he watched that apple plummet to the ground, as untold thousands doubtlessly had before him, yet without ever questioning why it was so.
What few people know, though, is the fact that while a lot of modern science is based on Newton's theory about an attracting force originating from the center of not only our own planet, but likewise from the center of every other astral body, like our moon & sun, there are fundamental questions about this theory which remain unsanswered; inexplicable irregularities and uneplained holes in the theory of gravity, which are examined at length in Mark McCutcheon's daring book "The Final Theory." So much on what we think we know.
But I don't wish to expound here on physical phenomena, but rather a spiritual one, one which had already intrigued Sir Isaac Newton as well, and I wouldn't be a bit surprised if - when all is said & doe - he will have turned out to be more right on about this one than gravity.
Isaac Newton believed in the existence of a hidden code in the Bible - a code he wasn't able to crack in his day for the lack of one of our present day commodities: computers. Various books have been written about the "Bible Code," which is certainly an interesting subject, although I daresay that while their authors have doubtlessly made an amazing discovery in cracking the Bible code, I'm afraid they are distracting from a much larger, and yet much simpler "code" -- God's code, His coded message to us in everything.
We find encoded information in everything, even in the tiniest life form, the single cell; and since I believe everything in the physical world to be an illustration of some greater spiritual truth, I started thinking about the purpose of God's code in everything.
Evidently, His message to us - so obviously plain & simple to understand for many of us, simply by observing His creation - is­ encoded, because it obviously eludes that grasp of others. They simply don't get it. They don't hear, see or perceive His message, but instead honor the great mysterious force of chance, coincidence or accident as the originator of all things, & since chance is obviously not a very eloquent author of information, its believers are thus nearly oblivious to any "messages" or information being conveyed to us by our Creator.
While Sir Isaac Newton may have been wrong about some details concerning gravity, he thankfully was not as deaf, blind & willingly ignorant as a good many of those who fail to perceive God's message, His code, which Isaac Newton in inspired foresight rightly suspected to exist, way before the word "code" was even developed & used to the extent we do today.
It seems like God's "code" renders His messages to us invisible and inaudible to certain people - those referred to as materialists, since they believe that everything - all intelligent life - came into being from nothing, which - quite inexplicably - was changed - by itself - into lifeless matter upon which happened to fall a mathematically utterly preposterous amout of luck in order to bring forth a universe which functions better than any other device ever planned or constructed.
It seems there are two separate major "codes" circulating and at work, used by two opposing forces: the code or language God uses in order to communicate with those who pertain & subscribe to His "system" (who are also referred to as His "children" or simply "His people"), and the "information" (or should we rather call it mis-information?) which leads people to totally ignore the first, leaving them absolutely incapable of perceiving it in any form.
A person initiated & familiar with God's code will look at a flower or a blue sky & will perceive in it a message of a deep love from a loving Father, while the materialist will at best merely marvel at the feats than chance or coincidence happened to have landed there in rolling the chemical dice & bringing about that plant or atmosphere...
Why did God have to encode His message then and hide His meaning, His purpose, His very existence from some people? Jesus - certainly the highest authority on "God's Code," said, "There are none so blind as those who will not see." In other words, they don't want to understand. They don't wish to hear God's message, nor what He has to say, & thus are open only to the other source of "information." The Bible refers to the difference between the two codes in the terms "truth" and "lie."
The code of God, or the code of truth, in this case, is also very closely related to another code, which we refer to as moral code, or also, our code of conduct. C. S. Lewis refers to this "moral law" brilliantly and at length in his classic "Mere Christianity" & states that while we all expect a certain standard from others, and a certain minimum ability for them to abide by our moral code, yet we utterly fail every day to uphold that same standard ourselves.
Probably we don't manage to apply the code successfully because we don't familiarize ourselves with it sufficiently. Without doubt, the purest Source & greatest concentration of God's Code is found in what is traditionally referred to as His Word, which, for one, is found in the Bible.
The problem with the Bible lies not - a so often assumed - with the Bible itself, but rather with the information which we have been fed about the Bible, along with all that other "information" about where we come from (= nowhere) or where we're going (= nowhere?)...
Once we are willing to lay all that "information" aside, we'll find in it a true source of wisdom way beyond our imagination and more. For not only is the Bible a Source of unlimited knowledge & wisdom in itself , but it opens up a direct line of communication with its divine Author, which allows us to tap into the knowledge & wisdom on anything we may want to know. (The materialist & sceptic will argue here that people, not God authored the Bible, but those savvy to God's code the Bible was written in will understand that God just happens to use anything - including people - to convey His message).
Once we have accepted God's code, He constantly delivers new and fresh revelations & bits of information to us, open and decrypted (decoded), clearly understandable to us, the "user."
It's almost like two major software comapanies constantly competing with each other, each one "selling" to its users their version of their latest "operating system," which we refer to as "reality."
Since I have been using God's "Operating System" successfully and efficiently for the past 3 decades, not without having made my own experiences with the competition's "software," I most vehemently recommend God's system, of course: it's cheaper (for free), much more accurate, reliable & it simply works fabulously & keeps your machine running and running and a joy to behold. Why other users would prefer to purchase & subscribe to the other system is nearly incomprehensible to me, except that I undersand that using the other system more or less grants its user somewhat more independence. One can be their own "god" using the other system - and for those who settle for that kind of a religion or belief system, I guess that's their choice.
Personally, quality ranks higher in priority on my list than self-adoration, and in addition to that, I have found much greater pleasure & fulfillment at the hand of exterior sources, other than my own little ego.
This, if we want to give a name to the other code, competing with God's, invented by His adversary, one could call it the "I-code," "me-code" or the "code of ego," since both, the inventor of that code and system and its subscribers and users obviously are having a problem with recognizing any higher spiritual authority than their own.
The "I-code" system does not allow its users to operate any software from the Competition, which leaves the "I-code" user blind and oblivious to the God-Code. It actually leaves them ignorant of the existence of any other system, code, program or possibility. On the other hand, every "God-user" has had their experience with "I-code" and even regularly keeps slipping back into "I-mode," just in order to learn to fully appreciate the advantages of God's far superior system. "God-users" are fully aware of the weakness of the "I-system," whereas "I-users" are oblivious even to the existence of the other.
Still, it makes me wonder why God would have made it so difficult for I-users to even be able to perceive His code. Codes are usually used for secrecy, privacy and security. What would God have to be afraid of? This sounds so un-like God's nature to me. Why would God have secrets?
The only thing that occurs to me is that He possibly may have wanted to protect His system from forgery. The Devil is a sly imitator, and in many aspects it seems like he copies God's code. In fact, when Jesus said to His disciples that the time would come that those who would kill them would think they were doing service to God in persecuting His true disciples, He seemed to indicate that there were going to be some I-users around eventually who were posing as God-users, only in order to try to destroy God's system, so to speak, from within.
Which would explain why there are so may Christians in the world today that make open-minded observers and otherwise open-hearted for the truth run the other way & think, "no way. This can't be it." Some high-ranking politician could, for example, pose as a Christian or God-user, but act totally contrary to God's actual moral code & code of conduct and instead of fulfilling the great universal law of "thou shalt love," kill instead, and wage war against poor countries. He could use righteous-sounding mottos and reasons for his actions as a camouflage, but simply because he would pose as Christian or God-user, millions would vote for him and not see through his deception. I wonder if anything like this might actually be happening on this planet right now! (Now, kids, this is something for you to find out for yourselves as homework: look around for some politician you know and see whether this description might fit.)
So, it does seem, after all, necessary for God to have encoded His message to us, otherwise there would probably be so many fakes and imposters running around, we'd drown in confusion. In fact, He seems to have used just the right amount of security-grade in His encryption for still enough of us to get His point & message and for not too many hooligans & phoneys to steal & imitate His code so that we would still have hope to find our way out of the sea of counterfeit-Christians out there...
Actually, the more familiar one becomes with God's code, the easier it will become for him to detect, recognize and expose a forger & counterfeit user.
While these are just a few simple observations I'm allowed to make on a phenomenon I stumbled upon, possibly similar to the way Newton first stumbled upon gravity or the existence of a Bible code, just as in Newton's case, I'm afraid we've only begun to scratch the surface. I have often compared this life with a school, but in some ways - especially when it comes to these mysteries of God - it feels more like kindergarten. Who knows? Maybe I just put another toy block on the foundation someone else started, inspiring you to find the next one & put it on top of mine? Maybe our entire childish construction will collapse at one point & will have to give way to a better, stronger & surer one...
What message is God trying to convey to you today? Are you in the possession of His decoding device? If not, or if you're not certain, make sure you're running on His Operating System by downloading His Master Software, the program of God's forgiveness through Jesus. Just ask Him to delete all your former errors & to reformat your Hard Drive & give you a new start, clean-slated & install Jesus on the machine of your heart for a system that won't ever crash. Then you will also be able to obtain - for free, just like all the other stuff - the decoding software, the Holy Spirit, which will help you understand God's code, all He has to say to you personally through His Word, through His creation, through anything, if you listen carefully enough, and there will be no end to the things you will yet discover that will downright thrill you to pieces.
Take this advice from a more than satisfied customer. You'll still have problems, alright, and you'll continue to experience virus attacks and other malicious code trying to damage your system. Just make sure you regularly update your software, your spiritual firewall & virus-checker, or use the 24/7 customer service. God's company is the one you can surely trust. Just stay tuned to His code!

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