I'm in the truth business. I'm dealing in truth. Interested? That's the problem. Hardly anyone is. As scarce as it is, the supply is much greater than the demand. In fact, most people nowadays don't even believe there even is such a thing as truth. Everything's cool, all is good, your truth is yours and my truth is mine. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Satan... whatever gets you through the night.
But that's where it comes in handy to know the truth (yes, that thing nobody believes in anymore): to help you distinguish the lies. You realize that's baloney. The truth is that there's a whole bunch of lies out there, you're being spoonfed them daily, and in fact, they're so many, you're virtually drowning in them.
You've been programmed to believe that you're a product of chance, of some random chain reaction that started billions of years ago, without any purpose; that the complicated machine of your body came into being basically by itself, through chemical & biological processes, and a whole bunch of lies about other things: history, politics, economics, religion... just turn on your TV.
Why? Who or what is supposed to be telling those lies anyway? Somebody who you've been told doesn't exist, which is one of the biggest tricks & lies he ever pulled on mankind. Jesus called him "the father of lies" (John 8), and let me tell you, he's got a lot of children. Look at George Bush. Listen to the news. "There are no secret foreign prisons" & blah blah blah.
No wonder people aren't interested in the truth. In this world of lies, the truth has become an absurdity.
So, I guess you're still not interested, huh? This is too depressing, you say. I must be paranoid, one of those conspiracy freaks. Actually, I'm not paranoid. The neat thing is, once you've really discovered the truth, you're not nearly as scared anymore of anything that they used to intimidate & bully you into with their lies. You have discovered that the Father of truth is infinitely more powerful than the father of lies, and that if you're on His side, none of those split-tongued nincompops can even phase you.
How arrogant, conceited, biased, narrow-minded, intolerant & bigoted of me, you say, to claim that I've got the truth and you're all living a lie, you say? Well, it's not like I've never been fooled before, or that I'm immune to the lies. In fact, I keep discovering baloney they used to feed me as truth, keep discovering false & wrong ways in my past thinking, I keep uncovering the true foundation everything is based on & the way things really are, and I probably have only begun to scratch the surface. And it's not like I'm showing off with something I've got that you can't have. In fact, I'm offering it to you. It won't even cost you a thing. Just give Jesus a chance. If you have a Bible, wipe the dust off of it & can all the baloney you've been brainwashed with about it for the past decades, that it has been manipulated, falsified, tampered with, misinterpreted, whatever, and read it. Read what Jesus had to say & see for yourself whether it makes any sense or not. Or if you can't read, watch the movie, "The Gospel Of John." Or best of all, ask Him yourself, what He has to say to you personally. It is a lie that He wouldn't speak to you personally. It's a lie that He's too busy. You see, He's not bound by time. It's a little hard to imagine how that works, but C.S.Lewis explained it this way in "Mere Christianity:" "If there was a controlling power outside the universe, it could not show itself to us as one of the facts inside the universe— no more than the architect of a house could actually be a wall or staircase or fireplace in that house."
He's not part of the creation, nor bound to its rules and limits, since He's the Creator. It's just that we're trying to squeeze Him into the narrow box of our own finite imagination and perception, which, as I indicated before, has been very heavily shaped and influenced by lies.
"Forget what you know" is a good slogan to go by, if what you're looking for is the truth. The Bible has a lot to say about the difference between what the world considers knowledge and true knowledge or wisdom (see 1.Corinthians 1, for example.) It doesn't have a lot of compliments for those folks who deem themselves so smart & think they know it all. When it all comes down to it: What do we really know at all?
I for one, will stick to the Source that has been tried and proven reliable in my own life for 30 years now, and for millions of others for millennia before us: the Word of God, and not to the baloney some wise guys write about it.
Most of them just write their crap because they get a lot of money paid for it to keep the masses as far away from enlightenment & truth as possible, or simply because they're too scared of the truth themselves or simply hate it.
It's tough having to cowtow to a Head Honcho Who knows it all better than yourself - if you insist on being the head honcho yourself. I leave that to all those big somebodies out there, the innumerable little Hitlers, Stalins, Napoleons, Cesars & whatnots out there & will perfectly contentedly continue being a nobody.
I know, I'm a lousy salesman. I could try it like the churches & tele-evangelists & sell you the cross with flashy neon-lights, pomp & big ado about it. Nah, I don't need all that suff. Just give me the raw, naked truth, & I'll be satisfied with that. It may not look like a lot in this lie-oriented world, but it's the only thing that will last. Long after all that make-believe paper money will have ceased to exist, God's good gold will still buy you anything you need. So, how about a little investment in a 100% crisis-proof currency? Because that's what the truth is. In fact, it's the only currency that will get you anywhere on that journey we'll all have to embark on one of these days: the journey into the other world, when we'll have to leave our mortal bodies behind. The place where you'll find out that the notion that "when you're dead, you're gone" was just another lie.
I can't force you into it, nor persuade you to take it, but I'd highly recommend it. Try some TRUTH today, you won't regret it!

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