005_"There IS No Spoon!"

Remember the scene in the movie “The Matrix” where Neo & Trinity are clinging to the cable of a crashing elevator, being pulled up, & Neo says, “There IS no spoon!”, remembering the secret of a little boy’s ability to make a spoon bend by the power of his mind by the simple knowledge that their whole world wasn’t real?
Well, that crashing elevator was the world’s economic system. Just as unreal as the make-belief world of the Matrix, (in fact if there is anything the Matrix truly symbolises, it’s our money), as the above quotes have stated, only those who hold on to the saving rope or the magic Wand of the truth as found in God’s Word, will be able to rise up when the money will come down. Insiders know that it’s merely a question of time (and not a lot left of it) until the creators of this grand illusion will allow the bubble to burst, leaving us in a scenario that will make the Stock Market Crash of Black Monday in October 1929, which caused wealthy businessmen to lose everything they had & jump out of their sky-scraper windows, look like a picnic by comparison.
The political situation in the Mid-East, the US’ determination to attack Iraq under a president that makes Richard Nixon look like Bambi, create a scenario into which David Berg’s predictions of the 70s fit more appropriately than ever.
In Matthew 24:35 Jesus said, “Heaven & earth shall pass away, but My Words shall not pass away! If you take that statement literally, this would mean: It’s only a matter of time until our world is history, and the only thing that will endure is the Rock of His truth. And anyone who stands on it, clings to it, builds their house or life on it: in other words, listens to & obeys His Words by absorbing & applying them, will rise above the created illusion of our temporary System. The “sands of time” will wash away, but you won’t! Funny thing, they say, “Time is money!” So, if money isn’t real, but an illusion created by the “Rulers of the darkness of this world” to enslave mankind, and time IS money, we must assume that, as James Taylor sang,
“The thing about time is that time isn’t really real...”
One thing is for sure, and that’s that it won’t last forever. For the Bible predicts, “time shall be no more” (Rev.10:6). And just like money one day will cease to have power over the inhabitants of the world, so shall time. Take God’s Word for it!

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