Having been raised to atheism in a catholic church, where everyone monotonously mumbled the Lord's prayer as if it were a punishment in itself, for many years, even since becoming a Christian, I didn't feel comfortable praying the Lord's prayer. For one thing, I didn't dig it or understand what it was supposed to be all about.
Although there are many mystic and esoteric attempts to de-mystify this actually rather simple prayer (after all, it's the only piece of liturgy - apart from the last supper - the Lord ever asked us, His disciples, to observe, so there had to be some deeper meaning to it), I couldn't quite find one I was able to happily live with myself, until last night, when the last holes in the puzzle were filled in for me (amazingly, after watching an issue of Star Trek's "Deep Space9"), and I'm finally ready to let the world in on my own interpretation of the Lord's prayer - for whatever it's worth (if you've got a better one, feel free to let me know.)

Our Father, Who art in Heaven

- God is our Father, our Creator, and although, like some say, and in a way it is right, that He is everywhere, His abode - the place where He primarily resides, is not right here with us, on earth, but a better place: heaven. (A circumstance which, according to Revelations 21 will change someday.)

Hallowed be Thy name

"There is no other name under heaven given by which we can be saved. I and the Father are one. Whatsoever ye shall ask in My name will be done... (Acts 4:12, Matth.10:30, John 14:13,14). As far as we'rec oncerned, the name of our Father, is Jesus (s.a. Isa.9:6, Phil.2:9-11). (Shortly before His crucifixion, Jesus said, "Father, glorify Thy name." And an audible voice from heaven answered "I have glorified it, and will glorify it again," as if to say, "in You - Jesus - it is glorified" - see John 12:27-31. "Jehovah" or "Jah" means "Iam" or "I am that I am." In John 8:58 Jesus makes it clear that He was - and is that "I am." See also John 1:1-14.)

Thy Kingdom come

The Kingdom of Heaven isn't here yet, we've got to ask for it to come, invite it, prepare for it & make room for it. We must allow Him and ask Him to introduce His program to replace the "matrix" of the Devil.

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

It's already being done in heaven, but not yet down here on earth. We've got to pray for that - and put feet to those prayers by being the first to obey Him and implement His will.

Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our tresspasses

While most of us are very concerned with the first half of that phrase (and our God is not too busy, too great or too important to take care of our physical needs), it's interesting to note that Jesus seems to be putting the second half on the same level of importance. In other words, we need forgiveness of our sins as badly as we need our daily food.

... as we forgive those who trespass against us

...and in order to obtain that vital forgiveness, we must forgive others also.

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, for Thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever.

For many of us, the temptation that the evil one is trying to bring into our lives daily is to give ourselves the glory for whatever we have done, and we should not yield to that evil temptation, but give the glory & credit to Whom it is due, Whose accomplishments are not temporal, like ours, but eternal. Our world may crumble and fade, as does our strength, but His stands forever, and only in Him can we live forever, too. Sometimes we act as if this present world were "the Kingdom"around which everything revolves. After all, we've built it in our own strength (or so we think), and we indulge in our own power and glory. True believers recognize that our own power is futile, even non-existent, that in truth, all power - everything - comes from God, and He's the One Who deserves the glory for it.


That's the way it's got to be. And it shall.

1.) Our big heavenly "Daddy" - although He lives in Heaven - can hear us, otherwise there'd be not point in this prayer. He has chosen a name, a code word or key by which we can approach and reach Him anytime: Jesus (s.a. 1Tim2:5).
2.) We must make room & prepare for His program to be happening in our lives. It's already running successfully in the 5th dimension.
3.) He supplies our needs, both spiritual & physical (and they're equally important) and one of the major pointers for staying healthy is: forgiveness.
4.) Let's stay on guard not to fall into the temptation of giving ourselves the credit for anything, but always give honor to Whom it is due: He's the Eternal One, and we can only partake in His divinity by accepting that.
You better believe it.