119 God Vs. B3

When it all comes down to it, the problem with the world is largely its indifference and its blatant lack of interest in its Creator.

Guess I had it already basically pinned down when I wrote that song, "Indifference."

The problem is that everybody thinks that they are so much more interesting than God, and whatever they've got to say is so much more important.

Back in the 60s and 70s people were still willing to listen to what songwriters like Bob Dylan, James Taylor or Donovan had to say.

Today's generation is more interested in boobs wiggling to the monotonous stomp-beat of the umpteenth re-make of some song of the 80s that most teens haven't heard yet, and in putting their own voices to the karaoke soundtrack of that re-make, and wiggle their own butts & boobs (henceforth referred to as "B&Bs"), the way they've learned it from Britney & co.

It's not that I'm opposed to B&Bs. But I am opposed to stupidity, (not referring to stupidity as lack of knowledge, but rather the tendency to continue to make the wrong choices, due to setting false priorities) which is probably our 2nd biggest Enemy, right after our indifference. Or maybe it's our stupidity that causes us to be so indifferent...

Okay, so, our job as Christians or believers in God is to arouse people's interest in Him and make them reconsider, “What on earth makes you so sure that you're that much more interesting than the Creator of the Universe?”

Our job is to remind the creation that it's not No.1, after all.

As I say, it was easier to use music back in the days when folks would listen to the lyrics, and the lyrics actually meant something.

Back then, it was even possible to win a few souls by wiggling B&Bs to the tune of a Gospel song. Nowadays you'd just get lost in a sea of'em...

It's hard to keep the vision of the Great Commission the Lord has given us to spread His Good News everywhere and preach the Gospel to every creature when every creature seems to be too infatuated with themselves to give the Good News of Creator's love the time of day.

Certainly writing just another despairing blog isn't going to do the trick... But it usually helps me to think & crystallize my thoughts, & perhaps come up with a good idea. I think God needs that. He needs a few more people with good ideas, but who are willing to use those good ideas to win souls, and not just make a big buck.

Not that I'm opposed to big bucks, either. But I am opposed to greed.

It's probably our 3rd biggest enemy, right after our stupidity and indifference...

And let's face it, folks: one reason why a substantial amount of people is becoming sicker of "Christianity" by the hour is because of its promoters' passion for shuffling dough and building big fancy buildings while 10.000 people are starving every day, and that number is bound to increase this year, due to the things our greed has done to this planet and our global agriculture.

Maybe what's going to get people interested in God (- and I'm not talking about the kind of "interest" where God & Jesus are hip because over half of the population goes to one of the churches on every block -) is going to be the consequences of where our lack of interest in Him is going to lead us.

Maybe what it's going to take is a crisis. Maybe trouble is actually good for us, and is going to do more for our souls' welfare than all the wiggling and shaking of B&B's in the world put together...

And maybe our job is just to be there when the time arrives, to remind people that there is a God and He loves them, even if they wouldn't have given a hoot about Him before the trouble came...

If that's the case, let it be, and "bring on the night," if that's what it takes to wake us up.

Some of us seem to be awake, but paralyzed at the same time, unable to do anything to wake up anyone else.

Maybe that's going to change soon. As soon as the repercussions of the current crisis will have hit the more sheltered regions of the world, and those parts of town where business still goes on as usual.

"Business as usual" doesn't seem to be good for our relationship with our Creator. "Because they have no changes, therefore they fear not God." "Business as usual" creates indifference, stupidity and greed, because who was ever satisfied with what they have in the business of raking in ever more?

If that's the case, let's have some change, and not just wait for it to happen. Changing the world - if anybody's still interested in that endeavor - starts with us, and it behooves us to change and adapt our attitudes, methods and whatever it takes to remind ourselves and others that there is yet something or Someone more important than the 3 Bs (boobs, butts & bucks).

Let's see if we can't convince a substantial amount of folks that God is actually capable of topping those. (After all, He's the Inventor of at least the first 2 Bs, and maybe there's more where that came from...)

Remember that 80s movie with George Burns, "Oh God, II" in which God recruits a little girl to start an advertisement campaign for Him? We need something like that... A slogan like "Think God!" or "God first" or ... "God beats boobs, butts & bucks"...

C'mon, help me out here!

Of course, it's natural that people want admiration, attention and recognition, and I'm not advocating depriving anybody of that. Long live the marvels of God's creation! But all I'm saying is, first thing's still first, and we ought to give credit where it's due, & not exclude the Creator from His creation, as they have pretty much done over here in Europe for the past 150 years, and proud of it and celebrating the event, as if the ascent of homo sapiens was something we could pat ourselves on the back for.

What it all boils down to is that love (being God) beats sex, the Creator is actually more worthy of our attention and worship than His creation, and yes, there is even something more marvelous and magnificent to adore than our wee little selves, and that's the One Who made us & loves us even more than we could ever love ourselves (and that in spite of all He knows about us.)

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