117 Hour of Temptation

A friend of mine lent me the book "The Shadows of Power" by James Perloff (the same guy who wrote "Tornado in a Junkyard"), and it put a few more pieces of the puzzle of the Endtime scenario together in my head, giving me a slightly clearer vision of how everything fits together.

For one thing, I had always been wondering how come the Whore in Revelation (which I believe symbolizes America as the ultimate embodiment of the stray Church) is riding on the back of a beast that seems to resemble every world empire.

But when one reads how the plans for the New World Order, the final and 7th world empire (from a biblical point of view) that is to rule the world before Christ's return were basically all made in New York (namely at the Council on Foreign Relations), and usually turned into profit for those same bankers who brought the CFR into being in the first place (including the virtual creation of Communism in Russia, China and Cuba, plus just about every single war in the 20th century), then it becomes obvious how the Whore would emerge fat and rich from the exploits of the NWO Beast she is riding so pompously on.

Perloff's Book was written in 1988, only shortly before the collapse of the Sowjet Union, and thus, the foothold of Communism in Europe, consequently leading to China becoming more open for "the wine of her fornication" and the "delicacies" of capitalism as well, and one almost wonders if there's a connection between the fact that too many people were being made aware of what the CFR were up to (like the John Birch Society, or Gary Allen, who had written "None Dare Call It Conspiracy" over a decade earlier), and perhaps caused them to change plans and create a new "Enemy" to replace Communism.

It becomes obvious through the book that "the Establishment" (as Perloff politely refers to the CFR) used the threat of Communism and their supposed efforts to "stop" it (while in reality furthering it wherever they could) in order to pull wool over the public's eyes, enabling them to wage "police actions" in Korea, later Vietnam, etc., the same way the new culprit has enabled the Bush administration to unleash their unholy "War on Terror," terror basically standing for "Islam."

Apparently unable to stop Christianity from flourishing, or perhaps even having fostered the growth of the wrong kind of Christianity (the kind that interprets "Love your enemies" as "put them out of their misery"), creating a new, turban-wearing and carpet-knives swinging "Enemy" that looked even more dangerous than the reds, was a welcome change in the scenario that made exposers of the NWO/CFR clique look as if they'd been barking up the wrong tree:

"You see? You told everyone that we were going to use Communism to rule the world, and now it's dead, nyananya..."

Another thing I gleaned from reading this book, even though there wasn't anything obvious written in it to indicate that, was that the architects of the NWO aren't in any kind of a hurry, and if they have to change plans, they'll change'em.

Fundamental Christians often seem to see the final signs of the End, and the Coming of Christ being fulfilled in front of their eyes and unfolding in the News they're currently watching on TV: "Oh yeah, Bush must be the Antichrist!" Or, "No, it must be Obama!"

As much as I wish for all this madness to come to an end as swiftly as anyone would, I'm coming to the conclusion that it's probably still going to take a little while before we'll see those final events unfold: a final New World Order established by 10 "kings" of both totalitarian and democratic territories (see Daniel 2:41), which will ultimately be spearheaded by one last, final and ultimate world dictator.

The stage isn't quite ready for that yet.

Which doesn't mean, though, that there isn't plenty of trouble brewing. The economy is going down, and will continue to go down, all in order to bring the rulers of the darkness of this world closer to their goal: a merging of currencies, eventually to be abolished and replaced by the Mark of the Beast.

Food prices are not only going to soar, but explode, and whatever price it will cost the nations of this world in order to save their skin, they will pay it, even if it's their "sovereignty" or other freedoms. If you've been in the habit of "laboring for the meat which perisheth," as Jesus warned us all not to do, then you're also going to find out why He warned us not to do so. He knew what dangerous position this was eventually going to bring mankind into: "the hour of temptation which shall come upon all the world, to try them that dwell upon the earth" (Rev.3:10).

Want to know which country the U.S. will crush next, in order to "gently usher them into the New World Order"?

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