113 Would You like to Receive Jesus in Your Heart?

I've been ranting and raving a lot about and against a lot of evils in this world for the past few years, and I have sort of felt that it was my God-given duty to do so, and maybe it was.

But the Lord recently reminded me that when it all comes down to it, all the exposes of the Devil's workings in the world won't make as much of a difference, nor pose as much of a threat to Satan's kingdom and the establishment of his final world order as one single soul saved.

We can rant and rave on and on about this scheme of the enemy to take over the world, or that one, or how he has managed to deceive this fraction of the world population with this scheme, and another with that one, but in the end, nothing is ever going to cause as much loss to his cause as the simple, childlike question, "Would you like to receive Jesus in your heart?"

After all, hearing that question at the age of 13 was the miracle that changed my life, and the spark that would ignite a fire in my life that still hasn't gone out.

Even more miraculous in some ways was my own answer to that question, since it didn't make any sense to that thing between my ears when I heard it. But it came from a deeper spot within me, crawling up from within the core of my heart into my mouth and inexplicably causing me to utter the word "yes" for no other reason than that's what I was meant to do.

So, if you really want to help change the world for good and make a difference for the better, would you like to receive Jesus in your heart?

And if you have, would you like to ask someone else that question, in fact, anyone else? Anyone you come across on the path of your journey through life?

Don't be afraid to do it. Some of them - those who were meant to become God's children - will answer "yes" for no particular reason than the fact that that's what they will fell they were meant to say, often perfectly contrary to what their rational mind may tell them.

Receiving Jesus is what makes the difference. Anyone receiving Jesus is what the Devil's really scared of, and if you really want to lick the old punk, that's what you've got to do: receive Jesus and help others do the same.

It's a simple, childlike prayer that changed my life and that of millions of others, and it has the power to change yours, and those of the people you come across, too:

Jesus, please come into my heart!

Forgive me for all the wrongs I've committed.

Thank You for Your sacrifice on the cross

and Your gift of eternal life!

Fill me with Your holy Spirit of love

so that I may share Your love with others, too,

in Jesus' name I pray, Amen.

Verses on Salvation: Rev.3:20, John 1:12, 3:16, Eph.2:8,9

Salvation Songs:

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