115 The Genesis of Advertisement

My mind still keeps rattling on the theme of my last thoughts on the "beginnings of advertisement" that I stumbled across via Yin & Yang (even though I should actually get to work...)

The first product ever advertised in history was, basically, evil.

It sort of reminds you of the scene in "Time Bandits" where the bandits arrive at the Castle of Perpetual Darkness and its evil tenant puts on this show and offers them "the most fabulous object in the world..." and they all wind up trapped in a cage hanging from the ceiling and swinging above everlasting darkness...

Isn't that what advertisement is? You're being offered something you didn't know you ever needed or wanted, but advertisement paints it so pretty that you simply can't resist it.

Well, that's what Satan did to Eve when he advertised the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil (adding the ingredient of evil to an already existing world in which all was good, thus creating the Yin/Yang system of duality I expounded on earlier...): nobody needed it. Nobody knew how much they were going to regret buying that crap. Nobody knew what it was supposed to be good for, but they did it anyway, just in order to have it.

Sounds just like any old regular afternoon at the mall...

No wonder I never liked advertisement. It has all the qualities of the first hoax in history that resulted in every catastrophe that ever happened since... Clothes. Lies. Murder... the shebang.

The difference between Satan's products and God's is that God doesn't need any advertisement for His:

Everybody knows you only get good stuff from Him. And best of all, it's always free, no strings attached.

Nobody ever asked for a re-reimbursement for the air they just inhaled because it wasn't their favorite flavor.

You get hungry and you eat the food that comes to your fridge via good ol' mother earth.

(Did you ever realize that with all the fancy stuff man created, they haven't managed to successfully reproduce food synthetically, I mean, starting from scratch with no ingredients from the Maker? After all, you can't eat plastic yet, and even that is based on a natural resource...)

So, next time you feel that urge to bust your credit card due to some 256 commercials you just watched while ironing your shirts: think again!

Or before you allow your kids' lives to become a non-stop repetition of the darkest hour of the Garden of Eden!

The Bible has something to say about greed: "Let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as ye have" (Heb.13:5).

If Adam and Eve had known that, they would have saved themselves - and us - millennia worth of trouble.

The secret is just being happy with what we have, instead of ever craving what the Jones' have got.

Especially in the light of the fact that 10.000 people still starve each and every day because they haven't got anything, not even the barest of necessities...

So much on the beginnings of consumerism. It seemed good enough at first, but the end of it was wailing and gnashing of teeth that we haven't seen and heard the end of yet...

And if you really want to be happy, why not try to make somebody else happy and make a donation instead of buying yet another item you don't really need? Let's get back to the Garden!

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