122 Perfect People

The Devil was actually right when he promised Adam and Eve, "Ye shall be as gods," if they would eat of that forbidden fruit of knowledge of good and evil.

It was a necessary process to really learn the difference between good and evil. I mean, a "god" who wouldn't know right from wrong would be like a grown up man who doesn't know where left and right is, right?

Of course, what he didn't tell them was the ugly detour it was going to take to get there. Ugly for some, that is, namely those who weren't interested in just the temporary counterfeit achievement of acting like a little "god" right here on earth...

The Abels of history have continued to suffer at the hand of the Cains until this very day, and all they have in this life is the promise that "we shall be like Him" (1John3:2). That will be the only way we're ever truly going to be God-like.

Instead of swallowing the Devil's propaganda and advertisements, we'll listen to what the real Boss has to say, and thereby qualify for genuine divinity (see Ps.82:6, Isa.41:23 and John 10:34, 35).

It's alright to want to be perfect, I suppose. One just has to come to grips with the fact that it will never happen in this life, and the only way to get there is His way, and not every other neon-lights flashing broadway that seemeth right unto man, but the end thereof is hoodlum.

It's true that our imperfection sucks. Big time. But I have it on good authority that Perfection is not the absence of imperfection, but the ability to integrate imperfection.

If God uses our imperfection to perfect His Big Picture according to His idea (and after all, He's the Master Artist), and by integrating us in His great work of art having some of His perfection rub off on us, who are we to criticize Him?

After all, we may be gods, but not God.

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