Obama: Yet Another Creep!

At first I felt a little bad about the line in my "Farewell Mr. President" song to Bush, after Obama got elected, that says, "So, come on get down off your thrown, make room for yet another creep," thinking it was perhaps a little exaggerated ad out of place.

After all, there seemed to be genuine signals that Obama was bringing about positive changes indeed, like the executive order to close down Guantanamo.

Well, after having just watched only the first half of "The Obama Deception," I humbly admit that my wife had a better sense of discernment than I did, and that "creep" seems to have been, rather, a compliment.

I never would have thought it possible that she was right when she said, "But what if he's worse than Bush?" - Impossible, I thought.

Well, that's whatcha get for thinkin'...

Woe is us.

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