094 By Their Fruits (and Veggies) You Will Know Them

One of the pre-eminent ways which shows to what extent the Devil has turned this world upside down, and our twisted perception of things, is that the majority of people actually believe that just because mankind was allowed to have some technological breakthroughs over the past few centuries, that they have "evolved" and developed into something better than their forefathers. Of course, it's easy to believe that if you've been brainwashed to believe that your forefathers resembled gorillas.

If you have a look at the biblical portrait of our forefathers, however, you'll find - among the many mistakes we all make - more nobility, character and true values there than in any society or nation presently on earth. Even if our knowledge may have increased, it is what you do with that knowledge what matters, and if "by their fruits ye shall know them," then for all the misery and pain our knowledge has resulted in, I wonder if we're truly better off than our predecessors, or if perhaps in some aspects, "ignorance is bliss" after all.

A good illustration of this is our modern fruits and vegetables: They may look good on the outside, artificially beefed up and genetically enhanced to look like their plastic counterparts in furniture stores, but did you know that our modern, "evolved" fruits and vegetables have actually lost some of their original nutrition value? When it comes to nutritives, minerals, vitamins and all those things that really count, more than mere looks, our modern and technologically enhanced produce doesn't cut the cake.

How true that is of people. You can buy yourself a new nose, a whole new face, or a different color of skin, a whole new set of teeth, have the fat in your butts sucked off and re-injected into your lips, so that even a 75-year old can still resemble a flawless barbie, but you cannot possibly inject real happiness (or moral values) into their souls. The glimpse into the mirror that thankfully lies at you and hides your true age may give you a temporary shot of satisfaction, compared to a shot of whishy or heroin, but you can't buy true happiness with lies.

True, our forefathers may have looked not quite as glamorous, and neither did their veggies and fruits, and they may have had to do a lot of manual work and not have been able to enjoy the crowning achievent of technological evolution in fingering a remote control, but I defy anyone who tries to tell me that we are happier today than they were. And our modern, "evolved" suicide rates prove it.

Let's face it: life sucks when you constantly kid yourself into thinking that you're the cream of the crop, when in reality you can't even hold a candle to one single, honest, hard-working 19th century coal miner, much less one of the Early Christians who suffered severe persecution for the first 3 centuries of Christendom, or some of the earlier patriarchs.

The only human quality that has truly evolved into unprecedented proportions is pride, which has been inflated just like our modern paper currencies. Coming to think of it: this whole System is just one huge, colorful, pretty-on-the-outside balloon with nothing on the inside but hot air, and utterly unprepared for its first rendez-vous with a sharp rock...

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