090 The Year of the Dead

Some self-proclaimed "debunkers of Christendom" letting themselves loose on the web with their 5-minute renditions on Youtube, supposedly "debunking" Christian classics such as C.S.Lewis' "Mere Christianity," while drooling their wisdom into their web cams, are having a hard time with the lack of "rationality" contained in some of the stuff I'm putting out. No wonder. Faith is something you just can't fit into the box of rational reasoning. On the other hand, if you truly reason properly, you'll inevitably wind up with faith.

I admit, at first glance the whole idea of Christianity may seem like a major cop-out. All the professional "debunker" sees is a bunch of lunatics who've cooked up this "God-idea," and to top it off, they come up with the ultimate superhero to save them from the one thing everyone is most scared of, since it's the one thing they can't possibly avoid: kicking the bucket.

Well, it didn't work that way with me. My conversion was much more of a big surprise - both for myself, and my atheist friends who never forgave me - than the result of a search for an emergency exit or way around that one fateful event at the end of our road.

To this very day, death doesn't represent a threat to me or anything I'd dread necessarily. Maybe I've seen too much misery. And I'm not the only one. Friends, acquaintances & relatives around us are dying away like flies, as if they all got tired of the charade presented to them daily on the silver platter of "reality," brought to you by the corporate media machinery.

The proof of God's existence stamped all over His creation is too overwhleming for anyone to ignore but idiots, we've covered that. But IF there is a God, then it stands to reason that this present life isn't the best He could possibly come up with. And if one bothers to look up what the greatest known and most widely recognized authority on God's views and views has to say on the matter, they will find confirmation there. All the great heroes of faith, the Good Book claims, were in it for something better than this mess - and it's doubtful that theirs was as big as ours. So what was good for them, certainly will do for me - even though our generation must admittedly be the most spoiled of all times.

No one's ever had is as easy as we do - we, the ones in the winner's hemisphere of the New World Order, that is, & yet never have we felt so miserable at the same time.

"Blessed are the dead," the Bible says at one point. And all the faithful say, "Amen."

No, escaping death is definitely no incentive to embrace all that defies our debunkers' rationale and become a Christian.

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