087 The Quest for Intelligent Life...on the Web

In search of intelligent life on the web I came across a forum thread entitled, "Can Intelligent People Believe in God?" A truly intelligent question would have been, "Can intelligent people not believe in God?" And the correct answer would be, "ONLY intelligent people believe in God."
And that isn't just on my own puny authority, but on the authority of the Book revered by millions as the divinely inspired Word of God... In the book of Psalms, the greatest leader the nation of Israel ever had wrote, "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God.'
We know that every bit of information in the world, every letter, every email, every postcard, poem, telegram, phone call or drawing in a cave by a so-called "cave man" must have an author.
Thus, only a moron can seriously assume that the immense amount of information contained in one single cell, which, if we'd stick it in books would form a tower to the moon and back, would have come about by itself, or the great supposed father & mother of us all: coincidence.
Just because the existence of God eludes the capacities of their finite reasoning & ratio (or ration?) of their rationale, they confine reality to the scope of their own minds, by which they are so awed that they couldn't possibly allow for anything greater and more wonderful in the universe to exist.

Since my query only yielded a handful of halfway satisfactory results, & even Google Almighty couldn't help me out, I remembered something Kent Hovind once said about how scientists keep searching for intelligent life in outer space when he hadn't found much of it on this, our own planet yet. I like Kent Hovind. I share his opinion on many issues, especially golfers. Every time I ride my bike past the local golf court I pray, "Jesus, protect me from those morons!" (One of them nearly killed us once.)
So I change my query to "Kent Hovind" for the latest news on the man & find blogs of perplexed Christians who don't understand how a man of God could possibly wind up in prison. Shows how much they read their Bible.
Nor do they seem to care much about the plight & lives of countless believers who have shared similar fates. They just figure, a good Christian ought to be a tax paying patriot who doesn't get in trouble (even in a country where taxing the people is against its own constitution, & the guys who pocket their cash have anything but patriotic, much less Christian intentions).

So, just as anywhere else, quality is rare on the web.

And as for intelligent life, perhaps I should just continue studying the inner life of microbes for now... It seems to be more promising at present.

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