075 FLDS – What Did You Expect?

While I deeply feel for the members of the Fundamental Latter Day Saints community who have recently had the State of Texas take nearly 500 of their children into custody in typical self-righteous red-neck furor instigated by some mysterious phone call by a young woman obviously posing as someone else, and I whole-heartedly agree with every public outcry in the media for justice and sanity & pray that the FLDS’ lawyers will have the skill to drive sufficient sense into the presiding judge(s) to have those children returned to their parents, I also have to ask this question:

What did you expect? What did you expect from a State in which less than half a decade ago people were semi-publicly being tortured to death for the mere crime of having a darker skin color than their tormentors and by-standing authorities?

What did you expect from a state in which little more than 1 decade ago the FBI burned to death a whole compound full of men, women and children in a town called Waco?

What did you expect from the government of a country that spends more on killing innocent people in far-away lands than it does on anything else?

What did you expect from a government that has declared war on its own people under the guise of “Homeland Security” in response to a “terrorist act” the official version of which is being doubted and disputed not only by conspiracy theorists, and that you may never find out the truth about until so much more misery will have happened you won’t care anymore, just like with all the other crimes it covered up that are coming to light decades later?

Maybe you really swallowed all that baloney about “land of the free,” or thought the book of Revelation was just a weird allegory put in the Bible to confuse people, and the term “Endtime” was a product of fear-mongers trying to pressure folks to join their cults. Maybe you haven’t discerned the signs of the times, as Jesus advised people to do…

Maybe you’ve ignored the talk of “New World Order” by the Bush dynasty for too long, and the possible effects that oh-so-wonderful New World Order might have on your freedom.

I don’t blame you. If there’s trouble on the horizon, I’m the first one hoping it’ll just up and go away. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always happen that way. Prayer also helps. But sometimes I’m afraid we just reap the results of our own blindness, our own refusal to see what’s going on, and our own unwillingness to cope with the truth.

We all want to feel at home in this world and believe it’s not so bad, after all. But that’s not what Jesus said. He made it clear that He and His followers were not of this world, and if they persecuted and hated Him, they would do it to His followers also (John 15:18-20).

Today it may be the weird little sects that the mainstream Christians wrinkle their noses at. Tomorrow it may be the little bit less mainstream ones whose freedom will be taken away. But sooner or later, under that glorious New World Order, I can pretty much guarantee that if you’re any kind of a true Christian at all, you will suffer persecution, too, and you had better prepare for it while you can.

Prepare for it by realizing that that’s normal for true believers in this world. If you believe the Bible, why don’t you also believe the part where it promises that? (2Tim.3:12)

Prepare for it by realizing that no, this world is not your Home, if you can really say of yourself that you’re a follower of Jesus, and by believing what His Word says about our world we’re living in and who’s running it, and stop kidding yourself into believing that everything is going to be alright just because you live in “free,” “democratic” and oh-so-Christian America.

Let’s face it, if you were the Devil, and you were running this joint, what people would you try to get rid of and eliminate as “undesirable elements” of your oh-so-clever society? First, just like he did it 2000 years ago, you’d probably stir up the fat, lukewarm, deaf & blind religious establishment to wipe out the small radical cults who really do something for their faith, only to sweep up the big birds on your triumphant march back home. (The Jewish establishment in Jesus’ day may have been triumphant over Him and some of His early followers, but only to be stamped out by Rome 40 years later.)

Sooner or later we need to realize who this “War on Terror” is really designed against. Today it may be the Muslims & radical little sects, but sooner or later the Devil will have everyone persuaded that the single greatest threat to world peace (as if he ever cared for it) is those religious nut cakes like me and you, be they Muslim, Jew or Christian, and with another “Christian” in the White House killing and declaring war on everything in sight, it’ll be a piece of cake.

We’d all better prepare for it, because what we are seeing in Texas is only the beginning of sorrows. It’s just a little test run for the greatest religious persecution the world has ever seen that will make the Holocaust look tame in comparison.

If you don’t believe me, you’re not really aware of what’s happening, nor of what the Bible says is yet going to happen. You’ve probably been mislead by false prophets and Bible teachers who interpret the Endtime events in such a way that you will be anything but prepared for them.

The bitter truth is, no one will come to whisk you out of trouble before it happens. Nor will being American protect you. The evil that we’re indifferently watching our governments perpetrate on its victims will come back on us. It’s the law of cause and effect which the Bible also teaches. If we sow the wind, we’ll reap the whirlwind, and if you live in Texas, you may not yet feel it, but from where I stand, Baby, I can feel a cold wind blowing.

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