074 United States of Alzheimer (Or: How Could They Forget Vietnam?)

While a small minority of still clear-thinking Americans, scholars & hobby-psychologists is trying to figure out what evil schemes are being put to work in order to hypnotize the vast majority of the American public and keep them in the indifferent stupor that not only enables them to tolerate what's happening with their country, but to even give standing ovations to the 500th repetition of Bush's "Anti-Terror" spiel and "We did this to protect our country" garbage, the answer was being revealed to me the other night while watching a movie called "Away From Her."

Now, while this was not exactly your average action-packed Rambo-type of thriller and I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, sometimes just one little line in a movie can unveil a mystery that keeps puzzling thousands. In the movie we see an aged Julie Christie (big star in the 70s) suffering from Alzheimer, and as her sickness progresses, she finally insists on her husband taking her to a special foster Home for Alzheimer patients. He does so reluctantly, and for a while comes to visit her every day, spending a lot of time at the institution.

In one particular scene they're sitting in the TV-lounge and, while watching news clips from the Iraq war, Julie, during one of her clear moments speaks the words, "How could they forget Vietnam?" And then it hit me! It's obvious! They've all got Alzheimer! Maybe the government has found a secret way of infecting nearly the entire population with the disease, and now the President can get away with nearly anything: they'll just stand up and clap non-stop for 25 minutes whatever he says or does, because they wouldn't even remember what to do if they would dare stop clapping.

While this is not your run-off-the-mill movie review, let me add that the movie does end with a surprising little twist, and if you're not the Rambo type, you might consider it well worth watching. And, hey, at least you won't be one of those desperate losers anymore trying to figure out what the hell went wrong with America! Now you know.

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