077 The Beginning and the End

The first and the last two chapters of the Bible are very much connected, and they both go totally against the grind of the matrix considered fact and reality by the vast majority of today’s intelligentsia. In the first chapter of Genesis we find the outrageous statements that not only was God supposed to have created earth, the universe and all that goes with it in mere 6 days, a statement so preposterous that even most Christians are ashamed of it, but He also is supposed to have created the earth first, before the sun and all the rest of the stars…

That, of course, is the one that’s hardest to swallow & just about breaks the camel’s back, since every child in the 21st century “knows” (because it’s damn well made sure to know by its public educators) that the earth is just one infinitesimal spec of dust spun off the incredibly fast revolving matter that brought everything else into being during the “Big Bang” (a story which I personally find just as hard to believe, and yet it’s being told as if each and every science teacher on the globe was present when it happened).

But according to the last two chapters of the Bible, earth is anything but insignificant, and in fact here we find the reason why God took such special care in creating this little gem first of all, before all the other stuff. Because in Revelation chapters 21 and 22 we find God’s ultimate plan for earth unfolding: He has actually chosen this place for His future Headquarters from which to rule the rest of the universe, and for eternity, that is.

So, if you were going to create a place you were planning to make your home forever and ever, and especially if you were the Boss of everything, you’d probably also bestow some special care on it, and lay the foundation first, before you’d take care of the lighting and surroundings, right?

Of course, for the sceptics and scoffers, this ending of the story is just as unbelievable as the beginning, but for anyone who deems the Bible to be any kind of authority at all, this should make them think. Revelation chapters 21 and 22 describe in quite some detail how the Heavenly City, New Jerusalem, the actual City of God, will descend down to earth, which will have received a new surface with – remarkably – no more sea (5 times as much space, yippee!).

Some people interpret “a new heaven and a new earth” to mean that God will have created a whole new universe. But that’s not what it says, or means, nor what it takes in order to create new atmospheric heavens and a new surface for the earth. Besides, it would contradict Scriptures in the Old Testament which predict that (also contrary to scientists’ speculations) the earth and sun will remain forever (see Ecc.1:4, Ps.72:5, 17).

So, if you ever wondered how God could ever be so dumb to defy the combined opinions of 99% of today’s scientists and create the earth 3 full days before the rest of the universe, (or how some people could be so dumb to believe that), just think about what you would do if you were to build yourself a place where you were planning to stay for a while: would you first build the house, or plant the garden?


StevenD said...

I hate to break it to you, but stars do die. We've seen it happen more than a couple of times.
Unless you can somehow convince me that every supernova we've ever seen is a lie, without resorting to a conspiracy theory, I will find your "truth" difficult to believe

McDozer said...

Thanks, Steve, for being my eternal conscience. No, I wouldn't insist, of course, that God necessarily meant the whole caboodle. After all, there's enough of'em to spare a few every now & then.

But I guess you & me will both have to wait a while to see whether He's going to keep His Word as far as this ol' ball's concerned...