136 Come On Down!

I vehemently defend God. Because I've had to learn the hard way myself that He indeed knows better.

Indeed, we deem ourselves extremely sophisticated, highly intellectual and more educated than at any other time before in history.

Our television sets are the well functioning proof of it right before our eyes; our computers, cars, airplanes, the achievements of technology...

We invest millions in the scientific explanations of how we got here all by ourselves and billions in eradicating the less fortunate specimen that weren't evolving quite rapidly enough to make it up to our economic pinnacle.

Oh, yes, we're smart.

So smart.

A lot of knowledge.

But mostly knowledge that leads to our own personal gain and advantage over others, but never to happiness.
Knowledge that may lead to money, but never to happiness.

So, if you're satisfied with that, man, go on and have it your way.

And if you think you've got to explain God away in order to soothe your conscience and lull it back to sleep and keep it in the daydream and illusion that there is no higher power or mind than your own, well... er... good for you... perhaps.

But when it comes to spreading that type of gospel and militantly waging your war in the name of your religion of ego, materialism and greed, then I will vehemently defend my God before anyone to the death.

It may make make perfect sense to all those atheist mini-gods that the mind ought to be the only thing worthy of worshiping (intellectual narcism?), but when it comes to their imposing that religion on me and my children and forcing us to bow down to their ugly fake idols, I must vehemently proclaim "No, thanks!" no matter what rewards they may promise me.

The rewards of success, because you'll finally have joined the mainstream of the way everybody does it. The reward of acceptance. Of the peace and quiet of finally being left alone because they don't have to convert me anymore to their religion of self.

But then, I've been down that road, sort of like the Prodigal Son, and I must honestly say, I'm sick and tired of that pig feed. If you think you must wallow in it, go ahead, but I will refuse, even if I have to crawl all the way Home on my hands and knees.

I congratulate all those self-infatuated ego-junkies and wish them a happy marriage with their own mental images of whatever loveliness they perceive themselves to be, but I'd rather have the ugly reality that Someone Else is the Ruler and Holder of my heart.
Ultimately, that's what all those apparent "independent" "free-thinkers" will also find out, when the come to the end of the road, for the price of playing god in this life is that the originator of the "Let's play god" game will be in charge of them, and again, the road they have walked will turn out to have given them a sense of pride, self-esteem and some sort of satisfaction of that lust for power, but never happiness.

And if you're really honest, all you relentless ego-worshipers, that's what you really hate the most about us who dare to take on a different faith: the fact that we're happy, and you, despite all your feverish efforts and achievements, deep down in your heart know that you're not.

It's not that you couldn't be, if you'd let go of that false, plastic image of yourselves that you worship, and of the pride and arrogance based on all that you may think you know.

The difference between the knowledge of good and evil is the definition of even such simple words as "happiness" and "knowledge." The way you define them, they become a hollow shell, just like all the artifacts that prove to you your "divinity:" your buildings, your vehicles, your multi-media gimmicks.
In God's dictionary, what you consider "knowledge" would rather spell, "something you may think you know," and that which you call "happiness" is truly misery, for what greater misery is there than fake happiness?

But there is such a thing as truth, and the true definition of things, you've just got to come on down and walk on the ground of a Reality that's greater and deeper than what the human mind can concoct and fathom, if you have the guts...

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