104 Come Together!

I've written a few things about all the weird (and not-so-weird) ways God chooses to communicate with us, in fact, I'm writing a whole book about it.

In the movie "Proof," the daughter of a deceased mathematical genius who unfortunately seems to have been rather demented for the latter part of his life, grants a young student of her father access to his belongings. Among them he finds a scrapbook with a mathematical proof in it that presents some sort of breakthrough for the world of science and mathematics. To his total shock and bewilderment, the daughter tells him that she wrote it. As we watch the subsequent conflict between the student's disbelief and the daughter's hurt feelings evolve, we're slowly guided through the actual events, and the circumstances under which the daughter wrote the proof.

The professor had actually been quite demented during that time, and while he was feverishly working on some "great" and "important" project, which turns out to have been mere lunacy and rubbish he was scribbling down. One evening, he rants on and on, uttering nothing but incomprehensible garble, while his daughter, as if being dictated, writes the actual proof.

Weird, 'ey? But see, that's a lot how God sometimes communicates with us, too. One man's gibberish is another's enlightenment. Take the song "Come Together" by John Lennon (and the Beatles), for instance. While each verse is a bunch of gibberish that only either the highly initiated or highly stoned on LSD could understand, yet the chorus reveals a very deep and important, universal and cosmic truth in 4 simple words: "Come together right now! - Over me!"

If you know God, or more explicitly, Jesus, then you know that's how He actually works: He brings everything and everyone together over Himself. In fact, He is the Mediator that re-connects us with God the Father. But He is also the central Heardquarters of exchange for communication when it comes to really digging our fellow members of the human species. At least as far as I'm concerned.

The more I get to know people, and the more people I get to know, the more I see how everyone seems to be on a different wavelength. There are certain mediums that can bring people together onto the same length temporarily, like the phenomenon of 22 guys chasing a soccer ball, politicians making promises they'll never keep, or Marilyn Manson tearing up a Bible on stage, vowing to destroy Christianity, but I wouldn't exactly call that the right wavelength, however vehemently you wish to differ with me on that one.

But I'm firmly convinced that while currently we all may be living under the illusion of being separate entities, at least those who are called to His wavelength will eventually wind up being together, joined as one in every sense. He's like the light, drawing all the little moths or planets that we are toward Him, calling us to become one with Him, and in doing so, we finally understand and fully comprehend each other; and perhaps, even more importantly: love each other.

This may all sound like a bunch of weird and senseless gibberish to you, but I'm convinced that some day soon you'll see the living proof that I'm telling the truth, if you just follow His call. Can you hear it? "Come together! ... Over Me!"

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