60 The Infiltration of the Church - "Many Shall Cleave to Them With Flatteries" (Dan.11:34)

Recently we saw a movie I didn't particularly like, nor would I recommend for anyone to undergo the agony of viewing it, since it wasn't exactly edifying, but nevertheless, it kept me thinking for some reason. The plot: An Irish Mafia boss raises a kid to become his spy with the local police force, while at the same time his gang of criminals is being infiltrated by a less than lucky cop. In other words: a bad guy pretending to be a good guy who spies on them and betrays them, vs. a good guy pretending to be a bad guy. Both get killed in the end, and you feel like the one deserved it, but the other didn't.

It kept haunting me, though, and naiv as I am, I just can't help not believing in coincidence...

My personal - howbeit deceased - "guru" once wrote: "It's funny we never hear much about Judas in the churches, when they're so full of people just like him." I know, that hurts. No, this isn't going to be another attempt at writing my first politically correct blog, either.

But as it is, religious people have a a notorious history for rejecting the good guys who come to them and tell them the truth, while they usually receive with open arms the false prophets with their gospels of peace. False prophets were always more popular than the real ones, although it was usually the real ones who were labeled "false prophets" by the majority during their lifetimes. But history told the tale. There were hundreds of prophets prophesying peace and safety during the days of Jeremiah, the solitary voice proclaiming the downfall of Israel, who was tossed in the dungeon for his "heresies," but when he was pulled out of the hole, his "heresies" had been fulfilled.

One such modern day heretic was the former witch and Illuminist John Todd, who, during the 70s, claimed that the church was being heavily infiltrated by witches. Not many believed him. And I doubt many people will pay attention to my saying "I believe he was right."

You see, I just don't believe in coincidence. Why did I see that bloody movie around the same time I come across the voice of Rebecca St. James on some web radio station, inviting people to join her on the "Presidential Prayer Team"?

Now, I know that many folks sincerely believe that the president - Lord, bless his soul - is a genuine Christian. But then, not many folks are into using the gifts of the Spirit these days, such as the gift of discernment. Nor are they into Scriptures like "He that liveth by the sword shall also die by the sword," or "love your enemies." All they know is, "The Bible says, 'God bless America!'"

They're also not into "Insider" information (what they term "conspiracy theories") about Skull & Bones, the Illuminati & the guys who really run and ruin their country, in efforts to establish Papa Bush's long awaited wonderful New World Order.

So, they may all wholehartedly join Rebecca St.James - a Christian singer, - judging by her accent - probably from a country where she wouldn't have aspired anywhere near such heights as "the Presidential Prayer Team" with Christian music - in their prayers for their "Christian" president and his troupes that he's sending to slaughter the "wicked" Muslims. After all, didn't God command the Israelites in the Old Testament to wipe out all the Canaanites?

True. But a lot has happened since then. For example, God - the great I Am, Who created the earth, became flesh - a human being, and "dwelt among us," and preached a new gospel, namely that we were to love our enemies and convert them, instead of slaughtering them.

The problem is that people who are into power don't appreciate that kind of message. And that's why they reject Him. Then and today. Whenever He sends a messenger that gives them the Words of God for today, they do the same to him, as Jesus prophesied.

While the false prophets are being hailed and honored and treated like superstars. Has God all of a sudden become the God of the mighty, the powerful, the gun slingers and warmongers? Since when? Did I miss something?

Or did you miss something? - Namely the part of the Bible that's called The New Testament?

There's a new deal up, folks, and it's not "an eye for an eye" anymore, much less "ten thousand eyes for an eye," but it's the much less popular gospel of "love thy neighbor as thyself," and "love your enemies."

Apparently the history of the infiltration of the "good guys" by the bad guys goes back a long way: the popes who sent their crusaders off to slaughter the early Muslims probably also had their "Presidential Prayer Teams." And the Inquisition had their own "War on Terror" and "Patriot Act" and "Homeland Security" going on all along.

It's just that we thought we weren't living in the Dark Ages anymore.

That's really what we thought.

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