062 Inconvenient Truths

Last night, under the motto, "better late than never," we watched Al Gore's film "An Inconvenient Truth." A bit late, since I have developed a natural distrust toward politicians in general, but during the course of the film I couldn't help but imagining what a different place this world might be right now, if Al Gore would have won the presidential elections in 2000...
Being a creationist, it may sound odd for me to say that I would have preferred a president who believes in Evolution to one who even passed a bill in favor of creationism in parts of his country, but I kept saying, "This man is intelligent." I mean, he's actually capable of formulating entire grammatically correct phrases in a row without problems. Not to mention the actual sincere concern not only for his own country, but the entire planet, which one can tell is real by a look into his eyes, and not some permanent hideous smirk of one who knows he's only in power because of nasty trickeries, deceptions and frauds.
It confirms what I've been saying throughout this blog, such as in my articles about Gandhi or Yusuf Islam, better known as the former pop star Cat Stevens: It doesn't matter what somebody claims to believe, actions speak louder than words.
Or what I've said about the Pharisees: the religious leaders of Jesus' day basically believed or professed to believe the same things Jesus did, they read the same Scriptures and called the same God their Father.
But Jesus corrected them, and told them, that's what they thought, but in reality they were children of the Devil.
It doesn't matter if one believes or claims to believe all the right things in their heads. If their heart isn't right, it's of no avail. "By their fruits ye shall know them" (Mt.7:20).
I recently discovered a wonderful web preacher, who pretty much happens to defend the same point as I, that many people who call themselves Christians, but in reality give ear to doctrines that "tickle the ear" are simply sincerely deceived, and subject to the spirit of witchcraft, and that they may have another thing coming...
It's kind of encouraging to know that I'm not the only lunatic on the web preaching such things, although my degree of lunacy probably goes a few degrees further than that of Monica Dennington.

So, the gist is, even if George Bush really believed what he claims to believe in, (which I personally doubt, but even if he did,) I believe the world would have been better off with Al Gore for president. But I suppose, this world isn't destined for any genuine and lasting improvement or salvation brought by our own hands, because the point God is precisely trying to make is that no matter how many good intentions there may be, we're just going to make a mess of things without Him. In fact, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions,"
"and many there be which go in thereat" (Mt.7:13,14), (not to mention those with less than good intentions).

On the other hand - being the skeptic I am, especially when it comes to politicians - perhaps the whole things is just part of the plan of making Christians - and especially Creationists - look so stupid that it won't be hard to convince the rest of the world that they'd all be better off without them.

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