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Reading the news is like listening to pop radio: every once in a while you’ll read an article that really hits home. But if you decide to “hear” more from the author, you’ll often be disappointed, similarly to when you buy an album by a band just because you liked one of their songs you heard.

If, for example, you’ll read this article by Joseph Farah, you might agree with me & say “right on, Dude!” But if you hop on WorldNetDaily in hopes of finding more such refreshing food for the soul, you might easily be disappointed, if not downright slapped in the face by such stupid headers as: “I ♥ AMERICA': Make Valentine's Day a patriotic holiday!”

In other words: according to WorldNetDaily, the world still consists, primarily, of America. If I were to write any article about what’s really poisonous for our kids, it would be first of all such a blatantly narcistic attitude: “Only what’s from my country, is good! (Forget about the rest of them Hottentots out there!)”

As long as Americans (even half-way serious news writers & would-be journalists) keep acting as if the rest of the world were just some kind of audience to the grand stage of America (the only place where it’s really happenin’), how can they expect to be taken serious by the rest of the world? Of course, they don’t (the rest of the world is just supposed to clap & yell for more, or move to the ranks of the Enemy by failing to do so).

Probably the greater evil let loose on the world than even the pseudo-scientific indoctrinations our kids have to nod to in school in order to get good marks (if you’re smart, you’ll laugh with them about it when they get home) is that “We are the greatest” attitude that’s coming through in virtually every American movie production, TV show, pop song and, alas, news article. With 6 Billion folks on the planet all figuring that they alone are what counts, not even the Antichrist could make matters much worse, as far as our spiritual state goes. In fact, maybe he’s even going to wake some of us up from our self-enchantment & kick some red-white & blue (or whatever other insanely nationalistic & patriotic) butt.

P.S.: And apparently one can tell it as it is, even without all the obligatory flag-waving! Check out this dude:

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