035 Credit to Whom Credit Is Due

Let's face it: a lot of people are pretty confused, and don't really have a clue what their lives are supposed to be all about. In my opinion, that's not only because a lot of them refuse to acknowledge the One Who put them here in the first place and has promised to guide us with His eyes (providing we'd ever care to look in His direction - see Psalm 32:8), but also because they fail to recognize their enemy in this battle of life.
- A very subtle & smart enemy, certainly, whose greatest trick and surest tactic of victory was to convince most of us that he doesn't even exist. With those he did not manage to get them to swallow that, he uses a different tactic: he claims the credit over practically everything God created:
He has claimed the credit for sex, having people believe that it's a sin, although it's evident that sex is an institution created by God Himself, since it was God, not the Devil, Who spoke when He gave His first commandment to man ever: "Be fruitful and multiply!"
He has claimed the credit for the stars, as if it was he who made them, instead of God, at least one should think so, by the way most Christians are scared stiff of astrology. It's true, we're not supposed to worship the stars, but do you know anybody who does? What most people don't know, is that even the star signs have a godly origin, dating - according to the Jewish historian Josephus - all the way back to Adam or Enoch, and they tell the wonderful story of the gospel ever since mankind began, in every language of every culture (see Ps.19:1-4).
The devil has claimed the credit for the entire invisible, spiritual realm, which is also called the spirit world, although God Himself is a Spirit and the Father of spirits, his angels are supposedly innumerable, and yet most Christians picture Heaven to be some vast empty space run by 3 guys commandeering a few angels, vastly outnumbered by all the evil spirits and demons that make up most of that evil place called the "spirit world." If they would read their Bibles a little more faithfully, they'd find out an entirely different description. What do you think happens to a saved person when they die? What do you think happened to all the millions of saints who have passed on? Are they all sleeping or floating around on a private cloud, playing their harps quietly? Or could it be that God would give them the desires of their hearts to continue to be of service to Him in the eternal Realm, helping Him to win this great battle over the souls of man?
Our souls have gone lost, because we have allowed the devil to cheat us out of them with his lies. We're even afraid of ourselves. In reality, we belong to God, He has called us by our names, and He knows who we are, and He's the One Who can tell us who we are. He can tell us which way to go, and He can tell us a lot about ourselves and our fellow humans, and He has made lots of help available for us, yes, even from that oh so dreaded spirit world! And there's nothing He loves to do more than to make us happy by letting us enjoy the beauty of His creation, including the multiplying business, that some people so self-righteously denounce as something nasty, only to be caught somewhere with their pants down in the company of someone they are certainly not married to, as has happened to some...
Why do we do all that to ourselves? Why don't we give credit to Whom credit is due? Why don't we give the credit to God, along with a whole bunch of thanks, for all the great things He made for us, to help us go through life's battles with a little greater ease, and much more joy and happiness than we sometimes grant ourselves? When are we going to stop giving the devil the credit for everything God has created? When are we going to wake up to what he's really up to? Yes, we're supposed to be sober and vigilant, but most people don't have a clue about the way the enemy of their souls is working. They don't have a clue about how he tries to trick us out of using all the help that God would so willingly give us.
Most Christians don't even believe that God talks anymore. "We've got the Bible now, that says all there is to say." They put out brochures that say that God doesn't talk to people through dreams anymore, because now we've got the Bible. In other words, from the moment St.John put down his pen and wrote the last word of the book of revelation, God shut up and every single dream people have had since has been inspired by the devil.
What baloney.
Well, if that's your religion, if that's the kind of regimentation you need in order to find the kind of love Jesus asked us, no, commanded us to have for God and each other, it's your choice...
I'll be most gladly, happily, vibrantly and ecstatically enjoying a living - real live, talking, moving, acting - interacting, and yes, even - blasphemy of all blasphemies - sexy God. I'll see you in heaven & would be glad to help you make up for all you missed out on in this life!

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