179 How Acceptable Is Workaholism?

I've said before that if time is money, then most people I know are dead poor.
A lot of them don't have time for God, their wives, their children, much less their friends because the one thing they love above them all is their work.
They say they do their work "with love," but in reality, it is just that they love their work more than anything else.
If they would love God, their families and friends more, believe me, they would make time for them, because we always manage to find time for whatever we deem most important.
But since our work is what defines us, and "us" is what we love most, no matter how Christian we claim and pretend to be, the thing we love second best - right after "us" - is our work.
Or work is what makes us proud of us, recognized and established members of society (aka "the System") and day by day, stone by stone, through our work, we build an image of ourselves that we can proudly fall down before and worship: a god we don't have to be ashamed of, because we know where it's coming from: we have erected it with our own blood, sweat and tears.

No wonder the one thing this type of people hate most is a bunch of hippies who come along to tell them that Jesus said that you cannot serve God and Mammon, "Look at the lilies of the field, and the birds, etc..." "Grrrr!!! Enough of that!!! Shut up already, or I'll kill you!!!"

Of course, we do it, because we want to look "responsible."
"It's your duty as head of a family, to make sure that you provide for your family!"
Sure, but that's the same gospel the heathen preach, Jesus said.
Anyone can do that!
You don't have to call yourself a Christian in order to do that!
But, of course, you want to get the best of both worlds, the here and now, the worship of the flesh and ego, and a big fat crown and reward in Heaven for everyone to see just what a good, responsible worker you were...

After all, "What if everybody would preach the Gospel?" - "We can't all live like you!" "We can't all forsake all and go into the world and follow Jesus..." "Our whole beautiful System would collapse!" - "Everybody would laugh at us! - Especially the Devil!"

Well, I don't think so. In fact, I think there's nothing that Satan could possibly be more scared of than just 5 people on this globe pausing from their money-raking frenzy long enough to find out what God earnestly would want them to do instead.
As long as everyone is feverishly puffing away the one thing they've been given in this life - their time - in the ceaseless pursuit of little colored papers, he doesn't have the faintest worry.
After all, as long as we do that, it's certainly not his Enemy we're worshiping, much less serving. In fact, chances are, we might not even really know Him. And with a little bit of bad luck, we might even hear Him tell us just that, some day.

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