168 Sunday Morning Truths

Contrary to popular religion, manifested in the same style as rock-festivals or sports events where masses gather together in arenas to do things for a few hours that they wouldn't be caught dead doing anywhere else, like praise the Lord & shout Hallelujah, Jesus said that the path of truth wasn't going to be a thing for the masses, but rather that there were few who would even find it, and that many were called and few chosen.

Nothing has changed about that, as far as I have experienced, because the vast majority actually chooses to reject the truth when they hear it.

The truth, as in, how we are really supposed to serve God, namely by going out to find those who haven't found Him yet, instead of letting it all hang out in front of all our fellow believers on Sundays and show off how saintly we are.

Why I'm still addressing this point?

Because I keep experiencing it: People coming to us, claiming that they're looking for the truth, but when they actually hear it, they go, "But what I want is a place where I can get together on Sundays and confess my sins and sing a few songs... etc."

So much for "looking for the truth"

The truth, as in actually acting out your faith 7 days a week, praising and worshiping the Lord anytime and anywhere and helping others to do the same sounds much too unappealing for those who are comfortable with the Sunday-mornings-religion-truth that was fabricated over the past 17 centuries.

Comfortable and delicious truths are much more elaborately produced than those slap-in-the-face sort of truths that some Savior just comes around and slings around our ears, saying "Take it or leave it!"

Accepted and popular, politically correct truths go out of their way to make it easy for people: "You don't have to do all that hard stuff the Boss said to do: you don't actually have to forsake your belongings to live communally or tell anyone else what you believe. Why should you, when just singing some songs together and listening to a sermon can be such a comfortable replacement?

You know, the world isn't really that bad, and they don't need Jesus all hat badly, and if they want Him, they can come to our church. As for the rest of some of them, well, it's not really our fault if they don't come... You know, there really isn't room in Heaven for all of them, anyway... So, don't worry..." Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzzzz Zzzzzzz....

In my opinion, what the world doesn't need is just one more religious outfit practicing their faith in the conventional "let's get together once a week" style.

Not as badly as it needs just a handful of people really meaning business for the Lord, who when they say they "really want to do something" mean something other than just that: "Let's form another group and get together once a week."

Imagine you were running for president and the folks you hired to lead your election campaign only got together for an hour or two a week to talk about how they were going to get you elected, instead of taking to the streets with posters and fliers and talking to folks to convince them of what a cool dude you are.

Well, that's how Jesus must feel.

It seems to be so much easier to rally behind some politician who breaks his promises faster than he can make them, than behind the only One Who actually keeps His Word.

The conclusion: Liars are more popular. And whatever is popular rules, right?

Errrr.... What was that stuff again about "few there be that find it...?"

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