146 Don't underestimate your enemy! (-- Or How the Saints Lost the War Against Antichrist and Were Overcome)

The first lie we let our enemy tell us was that he didn't even exist.

Then we allowed him to make us believe that we were really smart, while ever so subtly dumbing us down via loads of invalid information. We underestimated the deadliest weapon he ever used against mankind: stupidity.

He hurled at us an irresistible flood of distractions that kept us entertained and busy thinking about anything but the Cause and Purpose for which God had put us here, in fact, he kept us busy most of the time doing anything but think at all...

His representatives posed as the type of people we looked up to: the successful, the strong, the powerful.
We trusted them even when all they did was lie to us.

We underestimated the lengths to which our enemy would go in order to deceive us.
We underestimated his skill at that which he does best: tell lies.

We believed the "evidence" our "scientists" had come up with to prove that we all were mere results of billions of years of "Evolution," to the point that we ridiculed anyone who held on to the original account of Creation, thus strongly limiting the credibility and authority of the tome of instructions the Creator had left us since the days of old, allowing the gap between ourselves and Him to widen with each of those "billions of years."

We truly thought the majority must be right; that so many people could not be wrong about the same thing - ignoring the advice of the One who came to save us and bring us truth, that we should not follow the way the majority chooses.
We listened to our enemies' propaganda and gospel of material gain that not only seemed to justify our selfish life-style and allowing tens of thousands to starve to death each day in the face of our oppulence, but also let them trick us into killing millions of innocents whom they labeled "terrorists," when in the end they really turned out to be our allies in the Holy War for the one true God.

We believed the Enemy and his emissaries when they told us that we did not need a Savior but that we could save ourselves, only to find out that this was the most bitter and poisonous of all their lies yet.

He came in peacably and with flatteries, by his false peace destroying many. From the beginning he had us believe that there was no such thing as a (spiritual) war going on, and that he was going to be friendly, until he turned around, broke the covenant of peace, and fell upon us like a ravenous lion.

We stood idly by, as his ministers of propaganda and priests of the New World Ideology explained to the world that our Savior was only a myth, one among many others, and that the usurper was the true Christ or Messiah that was to come; and because he had brought peace and prosperity when the world was in chaos, many of us believed him.
And, of course, if we, who should have know better, fell prey to their lies, how much more readily did the vast unbelieving majority swallow their delusion. When they were told that it was religious people like us who were to blame for all the crises in the world, and that we were the culprits and terrorists, they readily joined the man-hunt and persecution of unprecedented scale that ensued.

We allowed the Enemy of our souls to fool us; and accordingly, he overcame us. The battle was lost, and the whole war would have been lost, had it not been for Him, Who had been destined to be Victor over all from before the beginning of time, and Who, upon His return, put an end to the schemings of the deceiver with but one breath from His lips.
Not only did He save us from our deserved punishment for giving in to the Deceiver time and time again, but He also saved the world from the destruction that had been in the Enemy's heart to unleash upon the earth from the beginning.

None of us can say, "Our own arm has saved us." Only the grace and mercy of our Creator was great enough to accomplish that. To Him be all glory and praise forever.

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