130 Let's Get Physical

Smart people can be really dumb sometimes.

I've been doing some catching up on the current state of physics lately, since the subject had utterly failed to grasp my interest in school, and I was pleased to see that folks seem to be getting a little bit closer to the real thing, as far as my gut feeling tells me. At least they're now almost ready to accept other, additional dimensions, aside from the ones they can see and perceive with their physical senses.

It's not as if they would have done it voluntarily, but they were practically forced to broaden their scope in order for their equations to make sense and get General Relativity to match with Quantum Mechanics.

So, they're coming up with all sorts of fancy, big names for their fancy, big theories of the origin of everything: The "Final Theory," "Super-String Theory," "M-Theory," about which no one can tell you what the "M" is supposed to stand for, but one possible interpretation was "Matrix" theory, which I, of course, particularly like. So, they're practically ready to accept that there's a "matrix" of some sort, but then go to such lengths and painstaking efforts, spending decades of their lives and trillions of dollars (as long as they're still worth anything) on equipment and tests that are supposed to come with proof for a theory that's going to make sense of everything, feverishly making sure that if they ever find it, it will still make sense leaving out the most important and always remaining (whether they like it or not) Factor: God. As in, the Dude Who constructed the matrix.

The only way they get around Him, of course, is by proposing that in order to get the jack pot universe we live in that provides just all the necessary fine-tuned settings to make life possible at all, there are (possibly) countless other universes, most of which, by sheer mathematical probability, didn't turn out as lucky. That is, of course, where I - and, thankfully, other believers - dare to differ, since you don't have to come up with such ridiculous hypotheses once you're willing to accept that just as behind every other shred of information that ever came into being there was an author, so it also happens to be the case with that giga machine we call the universe, and the infinite amount of information, planning and intelligence it requires to function.

Although God created us in our image, He's not a crazy scientist that needs endless trial & error runs to see if His "experiment" is going to work out. Unlike our earthly, human scientists, He knows what He's doing, thank God! We're in good hands. As long as we don't try to make the bill without Him and insist on locking Him out of His own game; because He cannot save us from our own stupidity as long as we refuse to be saved.

So, it all boils back down to the theme of my previous post: faith. It's either faith in, and acceptance of the fact that there is, of course, an Author behind the slew of information and genius that slapped the universe (= literally: "single spoken sentence") together, or in the one gross exception, the mysterious "singularity," which claims that contrary to everything we ever have observed, and in defiance of all the voices in creation that constantly scream the opposite, from the tiniest cell to the most complex galaxy, it all simply "happened" by itself.

Back to the additional dimensions. The fathers of M-Theory have come up with the number 10 (plus time), otherwise their equations wouldn't figure. What a "coincidence" that the structure of the universe should be based on the same system that has been tried and proven down on yer-ol'-blue-planet (including its own solars system and the outer extremities of its prominent inhabitants, etc.)!

What a coincidence that everything might just consist of tiny, either open-ended or looped "strings," (1s and 0s?), as if Somebody was trying to get everybody's attention: "Hello!? Anybody listening?"

Then on the other hand we've got fundamental Christians who refuse to accept the possibility of 10+1 dimensions, because they're not mentioned in the Bible. Well, neither are telephones or microwave ovens, but they probably use them anyway.

So, on one hand we've got the believers who claim that God stopped communicating and passing on any additional information to His crowning creation 2000 years ago, and on the other, scientists who refuse to accept the image of such an astute-but-mute God, and it's almost like, "Well, can you blame'em?"

I get kicks out of imagining the surprises either might get upon their arrival in that extra dimension to which our spirit inevitably passes the moment our physical bodies cease to function (a dimension of which the Bible has spoken for millennia, by the way): "Oh, so You DO exist, after all, do Ya!?" And the other guys, "Y...Y...You m...m...mean, You can actually And I thought...."

Well, that's what ya get for thinking.

I'm slowly coming to the conclusion that believing is in many ways better than thinking.

Just have the guts to believe what everybody else says is impossible: There IS a God, He loves you, and He's got something to say! - To YOU!

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