097 He Is Not a Jew

I've written quite a few things about why I think that the official, institutional version of Christianity is a fake, poor, plastic counterfeit of the real thing, and I never failed to make myself more unpopular with each one of those posts. But what I just discovered today is going to be even more controversial and unpopular for repeating it, and that is that what we call Judaism, or for that matter, the "Jewish Race" is just as much of a fake.

According to a former Zionist who changed his name from Friedman to Freedman, 90% of the people who call themselves "Jews" (a term, he insists, was coined in the late 18th century) are descendants of a war-mongering Finn-Turko tribe that populated a large area of modern day Russia, called the Khazars, who in the same fashion that Roman emperor Constantine adopted Christianity as the official state religion for Rome, adopted Judaism - or actually, Talmudism, which it ought to be termed more accurately, according to Freedman - as their religion of choice in the 700s, and just as the Roman alphabet was adopted by many European nations to put their language into writing, they adopted the Hebrew alphabet, thus creating the origins of the Yiddish language, which is apparently as different from Hebrew as Spanish from Swedish, and according to Freedman, you won't find a single Hebrew word in it.

According to Freedman, this makes the present occupants of the country currently called Israel only as legitimate and only as much "God's chosen people" as Christian clergy are drilled into brainwashing their flocks that they are.

Lately I've been contemplating for the first time what a dear Russian friend and brother told me a few years ago, that Putin could possibly the Antichrist. Back then I figured, "No way, dude." For one thing, the Bible describes the final world ruler before Christ's return as "a king of fierce countenance" (Daniel 8:23), and I always perceived Putin's face as a little too jolly to fit that description. But recently I read an article about Putin putting on "a grim face" when addressing his audience in England (I think), and "grim face" would pretty much be the modern translation of "fierce countenance."

But then I thought, hey, but he'd have to be a Jew, in order for the Jews to hail him as their Messiah, reinstitute their daily worship in the rebuilt temple, etc. (see John 5:43)...

But in the light of the facts that Benjamin Freedman revealed, namely that "Jew" is a coined phrase, similar to the coined term for artificial silk, which is "rayon," the concoction of which the author received a 25.000$ bonus for, I'd say, to hell with whether he's a "Jew" or not, and they - whoever "they" are in the first place, (if "they" are anything at all), probably might figure the same thing, as long as he gets them what they want - only to take it away from the 3 1/2 years later, that is...

It sort of gives a new, deeper meaning to what Jesus says in the Book of Revelation: "I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan" (Rev.2:9) - the original word for "Jews" then having been "Judeans," obviously. Or to what Paul meant when he said, "He is not a Jew which is one outwardly; ...But he is a Jew, which is one inwardly..." (Romans 2:28, 29), even though the Khazars weren't around then yet. Maybe he had a prophetic inkling. After all, he was pretty right on about what was going to befall the church... (2Timothy 4:3,4)

Freedman also gives a few examples from the Talmud, which is the magna carta that defines the belief of those who call themselves Jews, and if there is one quality about it in that it definitely surpasses any of the other major world religions, it would be the one one would term "anti-Christ."

Have you ever wondered why - if the "Jews" are supposedly a Semitic "race," meaning, descendants of Noah's son Shem (that's where the word Semitic comes from), like the Arabic and some Asian nations, probably including American Natives, most of them don't look the least bit like it, but are as white as Mr. and Mrs. Jones? Well, here's the answer: they're not. Most people who call themselves Jews today are not actual descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (descendants of Shem, and thus legitimate Semites by race), but descendants of the Eastern European tribe named Khazars (descendants of Noah's son Japheth, like all other Europeans), whose king one fine day simply chose to convert to the religion of the Judeans.

This makes the Palestinians' claim to Palestine more legitimate than that of its present occupants, because they - unlike most of their invaders - are at least descendants of Abraham, and legitimate Semites.

But all that doesn't really matter. If you choose the god of this world for your boss, he'll take good care of you and he'll supply you with all that which Jesus refused when he tempted Him, namely this world's riches, and money speaks louder than blood. If you've got the dough and you're on the right side, you can be anything you like to be.

So, if Putin one day decides, "What the heck, I'm going to be the friggin' Antichrist," all he'd have to do would be to convert to Judaism, since it's common knowledge now that there isn't really largely any such thing as a legitimate "Jew" by race anyway, and he could give'em their temple, their worship, and still manage to somehow make things right for the Palestinians and Muslims somehow - for a change...

Another biblical description of the Antichrist is that he's "a little horn (king)... more stout than his fellows." I originally thought in order to be "stout" you'd have to be tall and tough. But you can be relatively small and tough and still be "stout," and I think that's precisely what Putin is: Definitely more "stout" than his predecessors since "We will bury you" Khrushchev, and certainly more so than any of his string-for-a-backbone peers in the current political scenario.

As far as acting in an Antichrist manner, Putin has already made clear what he thinks of Christianity of any other kind than that of the Russian Orthodox church by his tough restrictions on missionary activities in Russia, practically banning all other faiths, perhaps giving his countrymen a little foretaste of the future "war on the saints"?

Finally, here's another little wild theory: If "Babylon the Great," of Revelations 17 and 18, the great city that in one hour will be destroyed, is in fact - as I believe - the U.S., or at least its spiritual capital, New York (according to Freedman the world capital not only of Captialism, but also of Zionism), then it would be a curious symbolic repeat performance of the present day "dual kingdom" of Medvedev and Putin's Russia, symbolized by a bear, just like the dual kingdom of Medo-Persia, to conquer modern day Babylon in similar fashion as its ancient counterpart.

It seems to be giving greater weight to the symbolism and deeper meaning behind destroying Babylon the Prostitute that in doing so, it will be the wiping out of not just one fake religion, but two. Two spiritual prostitutes under one roof, claiming to be the brides of the true God, when in reality worshiping Mammon all along...

The Medo-Persians conquered Babylon by stealth and wit, not by sheer "We are the champions" type of brawn and muscle power. They entered the Babylonian capital via its sewage systems and caught the partying Babylonian king by surprise. From all I can tell right now, it should be a piece of cake for someone like Putin to outwit the probably dumbest nation on earth and put an end to the party they're having at the expense of the rest of the world.

The current U.S. threats and touting of manhood size reminds me of the scene in "Little Big Man," one of my favorite movies of all times, in which Custer asks Little Big Man (Dustin Hoffman in his best role ever) whether he should go down to his "last stand" and fight the Indians. He was going to do the opposite of whatever the known traitor was going to tell him. And he answered something to the extent of, "You go down there and there's going to be Inidans down there you wish you hadn't messed with, not just women and children..." (like the kind it's easy to shoot from Iraqui roof tops) "...and you're going to get your butt kicked!"

Personally, I can't wait for history to repeat itself.

So, give the fake Jews their fake messiah who's going to turn on them and kick theirs, too. As far as I can see it, if McCain wins the coming election, this whole show is going to go down within a few short years.

Download Arthur Koestler's Book on this Topic for free: The Thirteenth Tribe

P.S.: In order to give the other side of the issue a fair chance to be heard as well, here’s a link to a site by someone who states that Jews inhabited Europe long before the 8th century, among other factors which make Freedman’s estimate of 90% look rather exaggerated.

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