072 Public School Makes Kids Stupid

It’s official now, as far as I’m concerned – and what hundreds of thousands of parents of homeschoolers have already known for decades, I’ve recently found confirmed by serious book authors, such as John Taylor Gatto and Charlotte T. Iserbyt: Public Schools make kids stupid.

If you want to know the exact reasons for this statement, you can read this paper by Kent Daniel Bentkowski, since I’m not just writing this blog to confirm what you’ve probably known all along, but I’m aiming at something else.

I’m aiming at a point I just discovered during the past 24 hours, and that is that the public school system is there for a special – less than benign – purpose. If life itself is a school, and God our great Teacher, then the school system is what the Devil cooked up in order to distract kids from what God is trying to teach us through everything, to indoctrinate us and inoculate us against His truth, so clearly visible everywhere in His creation.

When we are children, we still see it, but then the brainwashing starts, and all you see afterwards is confusion.

It’s not wonder that Rick Joyner saw school teachers among the guards and wardens of the “prison of life” in his vision in “The Call.” Along with other official defenders of the System, they’re one group of “guardians of the Matrix,” and if they dare to excel above their duty of making sure the kids stay dumb, they will probably run into the same frustrations J.T. Gatto describes in his books, “Dumbing Us Down: The Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling,“ and The Underground History of American Education.“

I must give our faith-community, The Family International, credit for having recognized that fact from the beginning (our founder compared public schools to the ancient pagan deity Moloch, to whom newborns were sacrificed), and being on the forefront of Christian homeschoolers, when it comes to international movements, and for making home-schooling the undisputed choice of preference for children of full-time members.

Unfortunately, in some countries, such as Germany, public school is really compulsory, as in “you go to jail or lose custody if you don’t do it.” Bearing the only advantage that by the time you’ve had 6 children go through the treadmill of a public school system intricately designed to produce idiots, you can only whole-heartedly agree with the above authors. Too bad “freedom” doesn’t go all that far, in some so-called democracies, but we already covered that topic

The longer one lives in this world and actually sees what’s going on, the more aspects one finds in which the System is just a pitiful counterfeit of the Real Thing, God’s original plan for us: the health care system, the economic system, certainly the political system, the church system, and the educational system. All designed beautifully to bring about the desired result: total failure.

As the author of one article about the health care situation in the US wrote some time ago, “If you want to stay healthy, keep away from hospitals!” I would paraphrase that and say, “If you want your kids to be smart, keep them away from public schools!” IF you can, that is. If you love your child and the country you live in grants that liberty, use it!

No wonder, Jesus said one would have to forsake “all that he hath” in order to be His disciple. You won’t want anything this world has to offer. You just can’t have two masters. If you’re already being brainwashed by those poor underpaid and overworked teachers in public school and their dictated curriculum of “no sense, no purpose & no idea,” then it’ll be hard to concentrate on anything the Great Teacher is trying to tell you. You either let them convert you into a System-junkie, or you become a freedom-fighter for the truth.

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