065 Turns Out...

Turns out that those who have been suspicious about the sincerity of Bush's supposed piety are being vindicated before Judgment Day. At least the London Times is giving us a wee glimpse of that "I knew it all along" feeling.
As far as the rest of them goes: no, we'll be good & won't say, "How could you have been so dumb all along?!"

Also turns out that ordinary dirt appears to be more than ordinary. A fistful of it contains billions of living organisms necessary to keep things on this planet growing, and consequently, us fed.
The bad news is, it's disappearing. Like so many other things that didn't seem good to us & we took for granted...
You just can't beat God at anything. Not even at making plain old dirt.

(See also this recent article on the issue.)

Turns out ... once again, we're not quite as smart as we all would like to think, are we?

Oh, and it also turns out that an even greater pollution factor than transportation (as in cars and exhaust fumes), as well as occupant of 30% of the earth's ice-free land is the production of the burgers we stuff down: meat.
No wonder the "Enlightened ones" want us to become vegetarians. After reading this article, one might even consider becoming one.

Wouldn't be a bit surprised if that's going to be on the NWO's "menu for the masses:" "Repent of the evil we have tempted you to commit all along!"

Well, I don't mind, as long as I don't have to take that silly mark in my hand or forehead. You can keep that for your cattle. I promise I won't touch'em. Just don't make us your new cattle.

Turns out that President Sarkozy of France is following in the footsteps of Napoleon and pretty much dancing to the New World Order beat. But this time I'm not surprised.

Finally, it turns out that, no, this doesn't seem to be quite the end of our beloved paper money as we know it, before the Big Boys blow out the candle on us, and "the lights in New York will go out for the last time," although - as we have not dared to hope otherwise, there are darker days ahead.

You wouldn't have believed us, if we'd have told you that 30 years ago, would ya?

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