058 The Corporation

Last night we watched "The Corporation," and it confirmed just about everything I often voice so vehemently, that I later find myself having to apopogize for it, such as in a reaction to an email from my sister about a book about how Islam is supposed to be the great evil menace of world peace.

You can wrap up just about any old b***sh*t and sell it to people as truth, if you just make the wrapping appealing enough. After all, it's so much more comfortable to believe that those bloody Arabs & Muslims are to blame for everything, instead of those liars who are running our everyday lives, enslaving us by promising us freedom.

It's much more comfortable, especially for people who are easily frightened, than all those uncomfortable movies & books by people such as are featured in "The Corporation."

For weirdos like me, it's so comforting to find out I'm not the only lunatic who doesn't swallow all that crap they're trying to shove down our throats, who sees the connection between the 3rd Reich and today, and who refuses to watch another minute of the mass-manipulation they're spouting out through television.

I even believe that "The Corporation" disproves the paradigm of Evolution. See, according to today's level of "education," evil is a thing of the past.

That was back in the stone ages with that Australian dude, Hittler, or something, and his cavemen. But since then we've evolved into good people, and all them wars and stuff that Mom and Dad sometimes watch on the tube, you know, the "Nooz," or something, they're just necessary, because there are still a few backwards folks around, like them dudes with terbuns and stuff, that haven't evolved yet as much as we have, so that's good.

Well, according to my beliefs, and "The Corporation" has wonderfully - though sadly - confirmed that, evil has all else but disappeared. In fact, it's more sophisticated, more cunning, and more omni-present than ever, to an extent that all those remote control junkies out there couldn't even begin to fathom...

In other words, we haven't evolved at all, but to the contrary, if anything, we have devolved & gone further down the drain & the flow of the path the slimy old serpent started us off on 6000 years ago. His people are getting better at it all the time, and more skilled at making ever dumber and more ignorant zombies out of the rest of the masses, who couldn't care less what's going on, as long as they've got their entertainment & their fast food...

They're even so smart that they make the only solution & way out of this whole mess, namely Jesus and His dropout and anti-System message, look like part of the game by having all those duped, lukewarm, flag-waving patriots pose as "Christians," and making the rest of the world sick of "Christianity."

Time for God's genuine Endtime Army to get movin'!

Hold on, Baby, we're coming!

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