044 There WILL be an answer

Once again, we were watching "Interstate 60" last night, an outstanding little movie about an imaginary but legendary character, sometimes named O.W.Grant, (he's got a few other names besides), whose job in life it is, to grant one wish to those he comes across, most of which - to his amusement - are quite foolish and often selfish, resulting in the usual "leanness to our souls" that the fulfilment of such requests bring. All until he comes across a different kind of young man who instead of the usual selfish ambitions only has one wish: to find an answer!

His quest takes him down a bizarre road of events and encounters which first of all seem to open his eyes to where the answer is not found: Those who seek it in selfish pleasure, intoxication, clichés, in fact, anywhere else but in the truth, inevitably will be disappointed.

But by refusing to compromise and yield to the ever-present temptations in life, he not only finds the answers to life's riddles he's been seeking, but also the love of his life.

Sounds like a dream - which, in a way, it is - but it's also that very same day-to-day's reality-turned-to-dream that we live once we have found the Answer-Man, Jesus, Who supplies us with the answers to everyday's riddles that life presents us.

As long as we go through life seeking anything else but answers, or even refuse to recognize the question marks, I reckon, we're not even really living. But for those who truly wish to see and know and don't settle for any fake, there will be an answer!

The cynics laugh at such starry-eyed naiveté, but they can laugh all they want: it's inevitable --

There will be an answer!

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