040 Spirit

We're all trying to find our way Home. At least the seekers among us are, those who've always known this wasn't home. Any clue where it might be, our real Home?

Let's see; if it's not of this, physical world, and if the Head and Principal Character of our true Home World is a Spirit (John 4:24), might it be very daring to assume that our Home lies in the Spirit? What some call the Spirit World?

Just because we can't see spirit, we assume that it's somehow inferior to what we've presently got. But that is just as silly as assuming that US Dollars are worth more than British Pounds, just because you've never seen a Pound. Or better, that your dollars are worth more than diamonds, just because you've never seen any.

Just the fact that we can't see the Spirit World, doesn't make it inferior to ours at all. In fact, There, they can see both worlds and move from one to the other.

Doubtlessly, our dimension is the inferior one. To assume anything else would be as ridiculous as a declaration of war by Liechtenstein on the United States.

We just keep treating it as inferior, because that's the way we treat anything we don't understand and that is strange to us. That's why we treated God's very Son that way, and all His emissaries He ever sent, from the very first prophet, even until now.

It says about Jesus, that "He came into His own," (in fact, John had just finished describing how the world had been made by Him), "but His own received Him not" (John 1:10, 11).

The fact of the matter is, the physical world is a product of the Spiritual World, since He that made it, is a Spirit Himself, and dwells primarily in the Spirit World. The Bible says, there will come a time when He will come to live with us, along with His heavenly City, down here, on a newly formed and re-created earth, so, sooner or later, the veil that now parts the physical from the spiritual will be done away with. In other words, we might as well stop sooner to treat the Spirit World, its inhabitants, and those communicating with them and its emissaries to our realm as if we're never going to have anything to do with it, just because right now we can't see it. We might as well get used to the fact, that that's where we're going. We might as well get ready for it, get ready for the Spirit.

It's really not that strange, since we're already spending one third of our time there, namely when we're dreaming. And as far as the dark side of the story is concerned, the bad spirits, we don't have to be afraid of them, either, if we're a child of God, which we can become very easily by accepting Jesus as our Savior. In fact, if you look around, it seems like they're rapidly taking over this place, anyhow, & pretty soon they're going to have taken over this world.

John says that he saw the Devil and his angels being cast down to the earth, and that it would become a short, but very woeful time. I'd say, that's another reason to make sure you're on the right side, and in tune with the "Man Upstairs," the Boss & Master of this whole game,and apply for some help from His side in order to make it through that coming dark period.

In any case, the Spirit World is nothing to be afraid of, since its our true Home, or true Origin, and our destination, the place we're all inevitably going. Might as well get used to it. You don't have to be scared of it, because God already rules there. He may not have yet fully taken charge over our world yet, since He wants to teach all mankind (and the entire universe, for that matter) a lesson we won't forget, but in the Spirit World, He's already the undoubted Master, and has always been.

So, you're in good hands, and you're being well protected by your Maker, His angels, and all your brothers & sisters on the other side... no reason to be afraid of them. In fact, if you're still afraid, you need to ask yourself, where that fear comes from, and why it is there. It could be that the Devil is trying to stop you from something very important.

God is a Spirit. Yet you can trust Him, right? That's what's most important. You don't have to be afraid of spirits, because God is the greatest of all spirits, and if you've got Him on your side (by putting yourself on His), then, what is there to be afraid of? God is also Love, and perfect love casts out fear. It also says that "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love, and of a sound mind." (2.Tim.1:7) So, if you're driven by a spirit of fear, then that spirit is not of Him, and you should seek to be filled by His Spirit of power (what greater power is there than His?), of love (which casts out fear) and of a sound mind (get rid of all the fog the Enemy of your soul is trying to create with his fears, worries and doubts!)...

Like myself, you might be surprised to find all that you've been looking for in your life, the happiness, the love, the fulfilment your inwardly seeking, in a place where you never expected it to be: flesh can satisfy flesh, the carnal can satisfy the carnal, but only spirit can satisfy spirit, that aching, yearning void inside the depths of our souls, which God created and reserved for Himself. "There's a God-shaped hole in all of us," as a song says, and since God is a Spirit, it's a hole that can only be filled by Spirit. Nothing else will be able to fill it.

Let that inner you, that dwells inside your body, find its way Home, where it belongs, and where the Father awaits you like the prodigal son, with arms wide open!

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